Thursday, 28 June 2018

A Promise Made, Is A Promise Kept

Last weekend I made a promise. I promised myself, I would finish this quilt. I am a woman of my word, especially to myself. I have a finish, I have finished Writing from Whitehead, aka the Postcard from Sweden quilt. This quilt was previously listed in my 2nd qtr 2018 hoped for finishes. You can read that post here. And here is my repeat of my qtr proposed finishes for the purposes of the finish end.

I sewed the binding down over the weekend, and was ready for a photo shoot on Tuesday morning. I haven't had a chance to scoot down or up to Whitehead. Being by the sea, it would be lovely and refreshing to be there, but it is too hot this week to go any further than necessary. We were however meeting friends at a local National Trust property, Rowallane, for a coffee and a short walk. So, just for one day Writing from Whitehead, became Rumour from Rowallane.



Rowallane is lovely, it is a biggish house posh people used to live in, with beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the rhododendrons it is famed for are just over, so I didn't get the great photos I had hoped for. In any case, we were too busy chatting and catching up as we walked. And that really is as it should be with friends.

And so Postcard from Sweden, Writing from Whitehead, Rumour from Rowallane took on another identity. It became Hustings from the House. I looked around my own back garden and got some good photos!

The seating area just outside our back door, where Felix the Irish Hare keeps an eye on things, worked well.

Those of you with keen eyes and a good memory may spot that Felix the Irish Hare has his ears stuck on again. Thank goodness for superglue. Other glues are available that equally super. Funny enough Felix came from the National Trust.

It is a while since Felix was admiring the backing fabric I had bought for the quilt.

And then we moved up to our writer's corner with the auricula theatre. Pretentious? Moi? As Miss Piggy would say! I like to sit in the shade and so we have an area of decking under our wisteria which has just finished blooming.

 I always wanted an auricula theatre, basically a garden bookcase for auricula plants. Popular in Victorian times, and I love auriculas. The auriculas are finished and have been replaced by buzzy lizzies, (impatiens). When my husband retired, the joiners shop in the company he worked for offered to make "that wardrobe your wife wanted for the garden". So, ever since known as the wardrobe. I like that, I love CS Lewis, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Monty Don who presents Gardener's World on BBC1 has a writing corner in his garden. Well, if Monty can have a writing corner in the garden, then so can I!

My quilt has come a long way since I spotted the box of Sacher Torte in Vienna and thought the design looked like Kelly's Postcard from Sweden, which she based on a postcard bought in Ikea. And I liked that postcard too at the time, I think I bought it but cant find it now.

I do hope to get to Whitehead in the next few weeks, the quilter holder upper and I will have a little day out. ~Then I can shoot my quilt in front of these houses.

This quilt is a finish in my 2nd qtr FAL list for 2018, and the list was  blogged about here. This will be linked up to the FAL over the weekend.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt, Helen. Looks like you are having beautiful sunshine and that makes for a perfect day for a photo shoot. The Irish Hare is a nice touch. Hope you have a fun time with the quilt model :-)

  2. Love your photo shoots when you have a finish...I may well unashamedly steal your idea and take my quilt somewhere nice when I finish it

  3. Love the photo shoot and the quilt! And yes you can have a writing corner.

  4. There is nothing like having a corner to sit under blooming Wisteria. I love all the photos of this bright quilt, but I do think it looks perfectly at home in your garden.

  5. Hi Helen,
    Great Friday finish and a beautiful quilt it is in all of the different settings. Those colorful houses would make a nice backdrop as well, allowing the star of the quilt to still shine through.
    Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Lovely quilt and great post. You do make me giggle - 'other glues available that are equally super'. ��

  7. Really love the quilt Helen! Before you mentioned him I too was thinking Monty Don when you said writer's corner...why not (I'm actually watching Monty as I type)!!
    Just love your 'wardrobe' too. :)

  8. I'm glad you kept your promise to yourself and finished the quilt...mines' in the lineup for a July finish. Your quilt looks beautiful in all the shots Helen...I'm hoping my garden can look as good as yours one day.

  9. Absolute stunning! You must be so pleased!

  10. Nicely done! I love your writing corner - you hardly need to go out on quilt shoots when your garden is looking so very upmarket.

  11. Oh, your garden is so lovely! The Swedish Whitehead Rowallane-ness is just perfect there, being cozy and wonderful and FINISHED!! Hooray!

  12. Congratulations on finishing! Love the photos.

  13. Lovely lovely Helen! Two "Mum" things happened today: walking on the street about to go in to get a gelato from an authentic gelato-only-we-speak-Italian place in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I heard my mum's home dialect/accent, Bolton England. So there I am stopping the lady going by me at that second, "I have to ask, are you from Bolton or Manchester area?" Yup, just a few km outside of Bolton. And we chatted all of 30 seconds and I loved 'hearing' my mum again. Now you write Busy Lizzies, and that's her again! She always called her flowers by their Latin names, but also would tell us what she called them in England which wasn't always what we called them here, e.g. Cornflowers in England are Bachelor's Buttons here.
    The quilt is beautiful everywhere and anywhere and I hope no I know it will give you as much pleasure as mine does me, and knowing that we 'did it' together. :-)

  14. Beautiful quilt, well done and congratulations on the finish! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


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