Wednesday, 4 July 2018

FAL Qtr 2 Link Up

Would you believe it? It is time for the Finish A Long quarter 2 link up of hopefully finishes. There's a link up to my blog post here

When I look, I had 8 projects. I like to keep my list manageable. Some people have incredibly long posts, this would just send me into a pit of despair and anxiety. Not really the point of a relaxing hobby. I am not saying I don't have a very long list of unfinished projects, I just don't find it helpful to be the cause of my own intimidation!

So my list of 8.

1 Coulter Wedding Quilt, mark 2, the Belfast Bulletin

2 Writing from Whitehead Quilt, aka the Postcard from Sweden

3 Quatrefoil Quilt, the Beeabee2017 quilt

4 Circles Quilt, or the  Bubbles Quilt

5 Economy Square Quilt

6 Liberty EPP Quilt

7 Comfort Fade Cardi

8 Impressionist Shawl

How did I do? Not too bad, considering. I have 5 finishes out of 8. Unfortunately they all have to have separate link ups. I don't seem to be able to have to link ups from the one blog post, so prepare to be bombarded over the next few days! The ~Writing from Whitehead quilt is already linked up, as I only blogged about it last week.

Helen x
linking up with FAL qtr 2 finishes


  1. I agree with Anja; 5 out of 8 finishes is awesome!

  2. Not only did you finish a lot, they are all so beautiful! I'm in awe of your knitting skills. The shawl is my favorite of your knitty pieces :)

  3. You can link up the post that shows the finish, even if it's from a couple of months ago, no need to make extra work by writing up new ones. (if that's what you were meaning) I'm sure I've read posts on some of the finishes already, and 5/8 is excellent!


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