Thursday, 4 February 2016

Throwback Thursday

Over the last few months I have seen other bloggers throw up, sorry, throw back. I understand this is what we Europeans call an American Phenomenon. Basically, a photo of something from way back. A dodgy hairdo, a dodgy boyfriend, a dodgy quilt. Loved at the time, but now a bit, well, dated.

So here is my Throwback Thursday for January. I missed the sign up so its now for February.

Way way back my 6 year old twin sons went to school and told their teacher "our daddy has left our mummy and us and gone to America." As this was nearly the end of term, June, I was glad of the chance to go and explain. Yes, he had gone to America and left us. But he was coming back. He had gone to watch the World Cup. Football, or soccer as my American friends call it. And he did come back with suitcase full of toys from Toys R Us. Batman and Aladdin as far as memory goes.

Whilst Dad was away, the mice played. We ate takeaways, ate cereal in bed, ate dinner on the sofa. Boy, did we live dangerously. And I sponged and stencilled the bedroom walls and made this quilt.
in all her faded grandeur

It was June 1994. The pattern was from Prima magazine. The fabric had been squirreled away from Laura Ashley. I had no idea about 1/4" seams. So, none of the points match. I couldn't understand why. I do now. But in 1994 I didn't care. I just thought, I'll tell people I adapted the pattern so the points are cut off the triangles!
the no points points

I borrowed a friends more sophisticated machine to applique the wavy bits round the edges. And ....... can I have a whoop, whoop? I covered the buttons myself. I was very proud of that bit and still am. It was about another year before the quilt was actually quilted and bound. With one line of quilting holding the whole thing together.

the buttons, my proudest moment

And guess what? It is still on our bed. A little worse for wear, a little torn in places and worn. But then so are we. The fabric for my modern maples quilt to replace this was bought in 1998. It was at the husband's request to have something a little less flowery on the bed. This kind of explains why the husband is still anxious to have the modern maples finished. And it is, very very nearly.

 We should have an exclusive soon.

I have two other quilts in the roof space which may or may not predate this bed quilt. The two boys asked me to make them a blanket for their bed with boats on them. They are really self made, but I can't bear to part with them. I must hoke them out.

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  1. I think it's brilliant that your are still using it, it was obviously very well made!
    You might have needed a translation for 'hoke'!! :)

  2. kids say the funniest things! Oh how I use to lo-o-ove the Laura Ashley look - still do to some extent, so this quilt looks like one that I could have had on my own bed 20 years ago. I love it, and love the fact that you've used it so much to the point that it is torn in some places. Nothing sadder than a quilt made with love that never got to see the light of the day!

  3. Ooh... Laura Ashley. Very à la mode in 1994. And one might even say timeless. You have a very patient husband... mine wouldn't have gone for such floweryness! :) Perhaps we'll see those boat blankets next month? Thanks for linking up with Throwback Thursday @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  4. The best quilts are used quilts. Clearly this one has seen a lot of use and what is not to love about that. I think it is awesome to look back and see how far we have all progressed since we started! :)

  5. That quilt has lasted a long time....Im maybe old fashioned but I just love that Laura Ashley fabric. Looking forward to seeing the new Maples quilt on the bed.

  6. Laura Ahsley fabric is not cheap either - made to last for centuries. What will happen to this treasured quilt when maples hits the scene?

  7. I think it's great that you are still using it, although I see your husbands concern. It is very girly and flowery, such a beautiful shade of blue. You could tell him the shade is back in vogue...but I think he needs his maple leaves. I didn't manage to get it together this month so my link up will be in March.

  8. I have always loved this quilt. I remember being extremely impressed when you made it xx

  9. Lovely to see your quilt from the past! I didn't know anything about quilt those days but I liked Laura Ashley too!

  10. As long as you love it, that's all that counts. One day I'll actually make a bed quilt for us ;-)

  11. I love that your husband has lived with all that girly prettiness all these years. Laura Ashley really did that floral, country thing well, didn't they?

  12. You have done a nice job with Laura!


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