Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Finish A Long 2018, qtr 2

Here we are again! Happy as can be .... fa... la .... fa .....la... finish a long again.

I missed the link up of the end of qtr 1 2018, it didn't really matter I suppose, I had no finishes anyhow. Lots of nearly finishes, but unfortunately they don't count. So, here we go with my link up of  hoped for 2018 qtr 2 finishes:
  1. Belfast Bulletin. The second Coulter Wedding Quilt. The most likely to be finished, and the most essential finish. The ombre blue hst quilt designed by Sarah Goer, my calmer version of Postcards from Sweden.

2.  Writing from Whitehead. The in your face, hello are you,  original Postcard from Sweden. This just needs basted and quilted and bound and labelled. All by the weekend! No, seriously, I would like this finished soon too.

3. Quatrefoil quilt, my beeabee2107 quilt with blocks to be make a quilt for my grandson.  Again, nearly a finish.

    4. Circles quilt, my bubble quilt, designed by AlyiN-Nilya. This is finished, really. It is just I don't like the quilting and want to fix it up. I have been so tempted the last two quarters just to draw a line under it, but no. I  want it to be better.
5. Economy square quilt. I keep forgetting about this, but it still there , lurking in the dark reaches of my quilt cupboard. Somewhere. If I do looking, I might uncover all sorts of unfinished things.

6. Liberty EPP. What the heck? I put this in every time for a laugh. You havin' a laff? When I eventually finish this, my work here will be done.

7. Comfort Fade Cardi designed by Andrea Mowry. Yarn by giddyaunt yarns. Love this. It is 100% merino. What's not to love? Only the collar to finish. The sleeves have been finished since this photo at Easter.

      8.Impressionist mkal designed by Helen Stewart. A new project not long started. A mystery knit. The only problem is, I am    still on clue  1. Everybody else is on, presumably, clue 3. Or maybe even clue 4.

So ... an impressive list? Eh? There are of course a couple of project bags I want to make that are still in my head, and  a couple of 1 hr baskets. If I get this list sorted, I can get on to them.!

Helen x
linking up with the Finish A Long and Sandra of Sew of Course
linking up with Beth at Cooking Up Quilts, these are all my crushes for this week!


  1. It's a very impressive list Helen. I would probably be on clue 1 of the mystery knitting forever and speaking of forever I guess you better never finish the Liberty.

  2. Lots of lovely things on that list. I linked up Q1 and managed to finish zilch. I did manage to start a new project though :-D

  3. Good to know that your EPP piece is a reliable indicator of the impending end of the world. The Comfort Fade cardi is so lovely! I hope you have a chance to wear it while the weather is cool :)

  4. It's an impressive list Helen, and I have no doubt you'll finish all of them in time for the link up! :) Your calmer version of PFS is so pretty, it looks great. Too funny about your EPP project. -Keep adding it to your list, one day you'll fool yourself and get it finished. Then we can laugh together! LOL

  5. I look forward to seeing the progression on these, Helen!

  6. Good luck with your list. It's okay that you didn't finish -- you're staying focused on projects, and they are eventually getting done.

  7. I have those 'put this in every time' type of projects too! I'll faint when I do finish one of them, I'm sure, though when I finished the hand-quilted runner I started about 14 years prior, I held strong, ha! I think you'll get most of this list done!

  8. One day you will look and find that you are done! But seriously, find joy in the creating and working with your hands and feel that joy as your success.

  9. So much color! I love your list! On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining up!


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