Thursday, 10 January 2019

Honey, I Am On Fire!

Cast your minds way back in the mists of time to last July. I joined a very laid back mystery quilt a long devised and directed by Tish of  Tish in Wonderland fame.

 It was called Fireburst Mystery Quilt, and this was exactly what I needed at the time.

 We go to USA fairly frequently for holidays, my son and daughter in law live there, I like to celebrate loosely along with them. Not all the American holidays, mostly just 4th July and Thanksgiving. We eat USA food, hot dogs and coleslaw and beer or turkey (chicken) and butternut squash depending on the type of holiday. I have two things, a stars and stripes bear and a large beaniebaby turkey which I display accordingly, much to the consternation of my husband. Grown woman and cuddly toys? What's that all about? (they were actually my daughter's when a young teen, now they are "my props")

What I was missing was an American quilt, and this just came along nicely. I had bits and pieces of "Americana" fabrics, mostly given to me by friends. I was keen to use these. Tish's quilt just came about at the right time. 

I made my blocks, sometimes on time, and sometimes a month ahead. Some blocks, I could see where it was going.
Some blocks I couldn't!

By Halloween I had all my blocks made, but my sewing mojo went awol. Fast forward to the New Year and Tish was having her official parade of finished quilts. I had to get a shake on, I was anxious not to let Tish down, though I knew she would have a great parade even without me. But, there is no show without punch, and I had to follow this band parade to the end.

When I was putting together the blocks, all went well until I thought I had two blocks in the wrong position.

 I unpicked them, and sewed them in the correct orientation. It was then I realised that the whole row was wrong.

I really couldn't face unpicking again, I was afraid that mojo might go awol again. Sure don't Fireburst and fireworks head off in all directions?

And so I had a finished flimsy for the parade.

 I have been unable to baste and quilt, remember I threw out all my wadding? I have a hair appointment next week, I can multi task and pick up some wadding. Now for the backing. I would really like to buy some red and white stars  and then some more spot for the binding. But ..... up to now this has been made from scraps and scavenged fabrics, except the red kona which was stash. Stash is free isn't it? I have some left over fabrics and will probably use those in the spirit of this quilt, with a spotty binding of whatever I can find.

I have loved making this quilt, I would like to thank Tish for all her hard work .

 You can click HERE to see the parade of quilts. There are some lovely versions. There genuinely isn't one I don't like.

Tish also had a generous list of sponsors, and I was lucky enough to win a prize. And not only a prize, but a prize I am really delighted with. I won my choice of 2 pdf of Yvonne's designs, quiltingjetgirl. Yvonne's designs are bright, modern, clean lines. I love them. I picked Oh Happy Day, which makes  me happy just looking at it, and Perspective. My husband likes bright modern quilts too, he admires Yvonne's quilts also. I see a Happy Day  in my life soon.

After Tish finished the qal she also made a version of the American flag, the stars and stripes. I really liked it too. Now I won't be running it up the flagpole or anything. We have enough flegs here in N'Iron without my introducing any more. I can however see a  version of it draping my chair on the
4 July. Now I have found my mojo, (it was behind the sofa all along), I look forward to making this too.


  1. I love it, and fireworks do go every which way so I'm with you on not fixing that misdirected burst! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed checking out your link to the parade of quilts. It's always fun to see all the different colour choices.

  2. Glad you have found your mojo again! Congratulations on the pattern win. That will get you sewing again!

  3. I should have looked behind the sofa for my missing mojo.. Ah at least we both found it.

  4. We all have times when our Mojo is MIA! Glad you got your back! I love your version of this quilt and think the red, white and blue is perfect for the design!

  5. I love your version, Helen, and I am glad that your sewing mojo has returned. There is no doubt that a spotty binding will be the perfect finish, and I always love it when I can use my stash for a quilt. I hope you have a great hair appointment and find much better wadding to use on your trip.

  6. Hi Helen!! I just love your version of Fireburst. Stop telling us there's something wrong - there isn't. It's just a design change, and it looks fabulous. Would you like me to send you some fabric - it would be from my stash, which is the same thing as using yours no?! Free either way . . . and it will allow me to buy some more . . . and you to finish up this gem. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Such a fun "redesign," Helen! Yes, fireworks go in all directions and it's a very American thing to do to set off quasi-legal ones in your backyard and then run for cover! Your quilt won't actually explode in your face, though, which is good. Extra bonus: it could be used to comfort the burn victims? Just thinking out loud here :)

  8. Hello Helen. Your quilt is splendid. I liked it the first way and couldn't see anything amiss for a while. I like things all mixed up. I also know how frustrating it is to unsew and many of my projects have goneinto time out for very long stretches for having been sewn wrong. I am not wild about super patriotic quilts but I love fireworks and I love your quilt. Happy Sewing.

  9. Your version is awesome. I agree...I liked all the versions linked up. Amazing how fabric choice and colours makes it looks like all different quilts.


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