Monday, 28 January 2019

Everybody's Going To the Zoo

In actual fact, everybody isn't going to the Zoo in Belfast. The animals are leaving the Zoo. A rare red panda, one of 8 in Belfast Zoo escaped today. Apparently, so the keeper said in a blasé way, the two safety wires around the red panda enclosure suffered a power cut at the same time, and Amber just strolled out and left the zoo. The reporter remarked it was fortunate that Amber turned one direction and not the other, as her enclosure was next to the lions. Now, call me a bit of a worrier if you like, but power cuts? Blasé keepers? Lions? Should I be worried? I live within 2 miles of the zoo. Needless to say Amber turned up safe and sound in somebody's garden. Personally, although back in the day, we took the children to the zoo, I think the days of zoos are best in the past. And I am just slightly concerned about lions, yes LIONS AND POWERCUTS !

Anyhow, in the light of this, it seemed appropriate that I switch today's post from Little Red Riding Hood to the Animal Quilt for Felix I am making. It is nearly finished, but then it is a very simple quilt. 

I had been gifted two pieces measuring about 20 x 21". Really, two generous fat quarters by one of my bee mates back in Beeabee2017. I actually had set aside the coordinating green fabric aside to go with a project for my husband's sweater , when I saw how well it went with the animal fabrics. I am not sure where the green came from. It may actually have been gifted at the same time, but I have a feeling I bought it.

Anyhows, I cut everything into 5" squares, as far as it would go. My first layout was square. I like square quilts. Most people's quilts tend to be oblong though, so I re laid them out. I thought I was one green block short, so I decided to go with it, and make it 2 green blocks short. I improvised and will embroider some details on these.

The total size was a bit skimpy. Only about 26" in breadth.

So, off to the pile it high shop and I bought some orange/peach spot and some green spot for border and binding. I was going to border with the orange/peach and bind with the green. Of course, as soon as I got home I changed my mind. The peachy orange was just a bit too strong, a bit in your face. I am feeling rather smug here, I managed to mitre the corners. Now, they are not perfect, so don't go zooming in, but they aren't bad. The thing about mitred corners is, the first is tricky, but when you master it, you feel rather good. Until you get to the last one, and it becomes a fiend in itself.

I had enough of the peach spot I could have used for backing, but I decided to make a fun backing. I love improve sewing. I love making something out of nothing. I just kept cutting and sewing and adding. This is a wip photo.

I am acutally a bit further on here. I have finished quilting. Just straight up and down, side to side in the ditch sort of quilting. It works best for baby quilts I think. No photos as I wasn't expecting to post this! Photo update soon.

There's snow forecast here the next few days. We aren't geared up to snow here. We get a couple of inches of snow, and everybody rushes indoors and battens down the hatches. I am no exception, it is great in front of the fire. So, I am expecting a finish on this soon, half a dozen books read and maybe a couple of jumpers knitted!

Helen x


  1. I like how the quilt pattern with the green blocks is weighted to one side of the quilt. I think you made the right choice with the green border and I do like that check on the back. We are having the snow now. Lots and lots of it I had to cancel a meeting because of it ....but I did stop off at the library to take out a mystery to read in my cozy bed this evening.

  2. It looks great. And well done on the mitered borders. I've never tried that. Sorry to hear about the snow. I think we might be getting some this week as well.

  3. Oh my goodness, that does sound rather blase. I'm glad the red panda was found safe and sound. The quilt looks like the kind of adventure I'm up for and will surely be a fun quilt for play and cuddling and use when done.

  4. I heard the panda had been caught again before I knew it got out but blimey, I hope they have a better system in place for the big predators! I like the green border, including your fancy corners and, as you might guess, love what I can see of the back.

  5. I like the green border and those mitered corner look great.

  6. Oh, dear, a wild animal roaming loose and then found in someone's garden? I can't imagine how that poor home owner must have felt! Just out watering the plants when a red panda peers at you. It's bad enough when local critters come calling, but exotic zoo specimens? No thanks! Unless they are printed on super cute fabric and sewn into a darling quilt like yours :)

  7. It's enough here to have an occasional bear or coyote waltz across the yard, I'm not sure I want to worry about a lone (or not alone) lion. My neighbor would have probably thought the red panda a unique kitty and tried to catch it and keep it indoors :P The green print worked perfectly with your little jungle prints. Like a little Tarzan vine. Hope you don't get much snow and the polar bears stay put!


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