Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Can A Post Write Itself?

Can a post write itself? It can, if it is a Finish A Long post. As always I can't believe it is this time again, the beginning of another quarter, never mind another year. And this post could almost write itself, probably not much change from this time last year!

So, lets meet the runners and riders.

First out of the box is a new runner, featured for the first time last week.

1 Little Riding Hood for Feet Claire.
Flimsy and backing completed, needs basting and quilted and bound.

Close behind this, so new, it has only been mentioned in rumour.
2 A project bag for my husband's sweater. The sweater I am going to knit him, when I get a pattern and yarn. But I will have a project bag, much to his amusement. Already partially pieced.

Another new runner, testing its feet for the first.
3 A baby quilt for Felix. This is a new quilt for a new baby. My friend's third grandchild, and I have made something for the other two. Can't break a habit.

This horse has been stamping at the bit for a while. He thinks he should be in the running but has never made it out of the paddock.
4 Economy square quilt. These were a series of charm squares sent to me over the course of a year. All Japanese and gifted by my daughter in law. I am nearly there with these.

And lastly the two nags. ~The two horses ready for retirement. (even I can't bring myself to say the kna****** yard, it sounds so cruel).
5 First up is the Liberty hexie quilt. What would a finish a long be without it?

6 Bringing up a close rear is the Kingfisher quilt, also a Liberty print. This is going quite well, there just isn't enough days in the week.

Oops, I nearly forgot, coming quickly up on the nearside, approaching the hedge is an evens bet.
7  Fireburst quilt. Just needs backing, basting, quilting, blah blah blah

And lastly a ringer, we all love an outsider.
8 My Timely Cardigan. I have actually started this. The original pattern went up to a size, well a not very big bust size. I never button my cardigans anyway. The pattern was then updated to incorporate
normal sizes (ha!) and I am going to rippit and start again. In a size for a normal sized woman.

 And a final final horse and rider. Bit of an outside chancer this.
9 The mustard cape poncho thing I have been making for ages, apparently it only takes 20 minutes.

And that's that. I am banking on the fact that you probably know as little about horses, and horse racing as I do. That is absolutely nothing. Just trying to vary the same old stuff for you.

Helen x
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  1. This is a wonderful list Helen. I love that 20 minute project on the bottom of the list and that fabric for Felix's quilt is just so cute.

  2. Once you've made 2 baby quilts for a friend, the 3rd is a given, isn't it? Lovely projects and your posts always have a fun flair. Thankfully I know nothing about horses or horse racing so it's all good fun for me!

  3. Love the horse race list a fun twist on the normal. Love the fabric pull for baby Felix.

  4. Great projects. That Economy Square project is especially wonderful. I’m planning to make my own economy square quilt this year. Take care, Mary.

  5. Hi Helen! Very cute horse racing terms sprinkled throughout this fun post. Lots of goodness here, and I am really taken with your bag for DH's sweater-to-be. Beautiful fabrics!! Your Timely cardigan yarn is so pretty. That will be just perfect for Spring at the end of March. Right?!! I'll encourage you along, as I'm joining in too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Roll overs are my personal specialty for goals so you're not alone. Good thing is the finishes are that much sweeter. On behalf of the 2019 Finish A Long Hosts, best of luck with your goals and thanks for linking up.

  7. Great projects and you know if you keep making us laugh no one will hold you to account regarding the finishes.

  8. That bit about the 20 minute poncho made me laugh out loud as did the horsey lingo, you sound very knowledgeable! Giddy up xx


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