Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Have I Nothing To Do? Finish A Long, Sing A Long

Here we go again, happy as can be. All good pals, and jolly good company ....

Here is my list of unfinished projects, or unstarted projects for the last quarter of Finish A Long 2018.

1  Quatrefoil quilt, my "what's through the window" quilt. The beeabee2017 quilt .
So near to a finish, I can taste it.

2  Kingfisher Liberty Quilt
This was a quilt a long through the summer. I didn't get so emotionally involved that I felt I had to follow the crowd. I am happy just to poodle along here.

3  Liberty Hexie Quilt
This quilt and I are joined at the hip. It is my ongoing project. When this is finished, my work here on earth is done!

4  Economy Square Quilt
I love this. The squares are all from a series of Japanese charm squares sent to me as a club over a year. This was a present from my daughter in law. I would really like to finish this, probably not this time, but finish sometime.

5  The 101 Trouser
I'm going to give this a go, 2 m of chambrey cotton are ready and waiting

6  Seachange Sweater
I started this a couple of weeks ago, hoping for a Halloween finish. Maybe, maybe not, but definitely a sooner rather than later finish.

7  Baby Quilt
A baby quilt for my daughter's friend out of these two tea towels, and some kona cotton.
8  Floosie Cardigan
At this stage, just the yarn and the pattern. A nice Christmas sweater?

9 Baby Quilt 2
A baby quilt for the lovely Claire who does my feet, or Foot Claire as she is known here.
10  Timely Cardigan
Started, then Truly Myrtle, the designer Libby Johnson, released some "larger sizes". I am ripping out and starting again.

11  Christmas Socks
We all need Christmas socks

12 Project Bag
I so so want a project bag out of this Alice in Wonderland fabric. So what's stopping me?


And that's it. A neat 12. Should I make it a baker's dozen?  Could be more, could be less. There are a few unfinished things still lurking in the drawers. Obviously all 12 won't be completed, but it would be nice to finish a few.


  1. I sure hope you won’t be done with your creative work when you finish the Liberty EPP project! Lots of fun things to work on and look forward to.

  2. That's quite the list. Looking forward to seeing your trousers.

  3. That’s a list and a half Helen, I’m just wondering how you prioritise it, or do you just do whatever takes your fancy at the time?

  4. That is one heck of a list! Be interesting to see which of the projects get finished and off of it first.

  5. Hey, I'm in... I've got a few things lyin around, not quite as many as you, ha ha. You've now inspired me to at least give mine a go. Good luck to you, keep us up to date..

  6. Lots of beautiful projects here Helen. Love the Economy block in particular, and your quatrefoil is almost done!

  7. Lovely long list, and yes, I know all about the lurkers too! Lovely Foot Claire that makes your feet so pretty in pink! And oh, I think I found a project for the Liberty scraps you shared with me.... still not fixed the no-reply, so ephdra at gmail dot com is moi.

  8. What a great list. #4 is a wonderful idea when one wants to highlight a charm pack! Can't wait to see your finishes!

  9. So many projects, so little time. If I were you, I'd make a big deal out of every finish. Wishing you luck and lots of creative energy to keep you going. #9 is my favorite.

  10. If you can stand to make a toile for these trousers I would advise it. Ask me how I know.


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