Monday, 9 July 2018

Finish A Long, the Last for This Quarter

This is my last Finish A Long post for this quarter, the last of my finishes. Finish no 5!!! Finish no 5 is my Circles quilt, my Bubbles Bee quilt. I blogged about it here in the proposed list in April, here in the summary of the proposed list last week.

My circles quilt was the Bubbles quilt designed by Alyin-Nilya and was a bee I took part in way back in 2016. My quilt has been a push me, pull me for quite some time.
Not Finished
Not Finished

The problem was that I got rather bored with this quilt. The blocks are very labour intensive. Foundation paper  pieced and each block is actually 4 blocks.

At the beginning they were incredibly difficult and loads of people dropped out, or just disappeared. Eventually we struggled towards a finish, our stash, our my stash, greatly depleted. At times I found myself having to buy fabric. I work on the principle that I wouldn't send anyone a block I wouldn't want to receive myself.

I decided to make mine double bed sized. Oh why, oh why! This meant I had to add a whole extra column and an extra row. That was a lot of black and white fabrics, and a lot of sewing.

 And then when I really did lose the will to live, I added a deep border in black and white stripes.

Next I moved onto the quilting. I know exactly how I wanted to quilt this. Lots of directional lines emanating from the circles. Didn't quite work out that way. I wanted white quilting on the white fabric and black in the black fabric. The reason I think it looks disjointed is because there simply isn't a dense enough quilting. This is where the finished/not finished debate kicked in. The quilt has been deferred in the Finish A Long a few times.

I added some hand stitching in perle cotton. I enjoyed doing this. I am happy with this. I added to this over the last quarter. It is restful to sit and hand stitch I find. And of course I love my spotty binding.

So . with the addition of that perle quilting ............. I have decided this quilt is finished.

Here it is over my garden lounger. It started me thinking about circles in the garden. I have houseleeks in pots, circular houseleeks in circular pots. Our feature on the BBQ, we haven't bothered using it this year. May as well make a decorative feature. You probably can't see, but there are circular logs and sticks for the fire stored underneath.

To be frank, I doubt I will ever get around to more quilting and it is already on the bed. It currently lives on the single bed in my daughter's old bedroom. What's that? A single bed? I know! I could have saved so much effort. I did put it on our own bed, but my husband didn't like it. Maybe he thought it needed more quilting! Actually he just likes the modern maples quilt I made. He helped me pick the fabrics, oh goodness, 20 years ago now. He waited about 15 years for this quilt, he seems determined to get his use out of it!

Of course this quilt deserves its own photo shoot. There are actually photo opportunities in and around Belfast, but I haven't had the opportunity to do it. So, I have unashamedly "borrowed" two photos online, I apologize, please don't sue me.

The first is Nuala with the Hoola. The common parlance for the Beacon of Hope sculpture, just at a busy junction for taking photos.

At an even busier junction, one of the main traffic intersections in Belfast, not easy for photos, are the Balls on the Falls, or as they are known locally, also known as the Westicles due to their proximity to said Westlink roadway. Apparently the Balls are officially known as Rise and controversially cost £400,000. I am a lover of public art, so I am happy enough but there was a lot of complaining at the time.

Helen x
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  1. Just love the Irish sense of humour regarding public art work. Also love the circles quilt.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the Circles quilt. Knowing when to stop can be hard sometimes. Despite it being on a single bed at the moment, I bed the extra size there will be appreciated when it is used.

  3. Bubbles has circled round to a finish. Congrats!

  4. It's so good to see bubbles all finished up! Congrats on this finish :) I will always be in love with the backing that you chose for this one.

  5. The public art is lovely and you made me laugh with the names! Congrats on deciding that Circles is finished. I do love this quilt with its one red bubble, boldly rising above the crowd :)

  6. Do you want me to climb up and drape the quilt on Nuala's hula?!

  7. Well you did it. I say kudos for sticking with it and getting it to a useable state. I actually love that pattern but I can see how labor intensive it would be. Great onward.


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