Sunday, 3 June 2018

Time to Play

Hello. It has been a while. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks, to be frank, it is too hot. Too hot by our standards means around 24 degrees, or 80 degrees in old money. Not hot for those of you in live in desert or all summer round temperatures, but hot for us in our part of the world.

Previous to that I was in the good old US of A, for my a family wedding. I had scheduled a blog post whilst we were away. I apologise if I didn't reply to your comments, I tried to send a quick message that I would reply soon, but it's been too hot ....

In the meantime, I believe Blogger has mucked about with things, sorry changed things. I believe there is no more "open ID", and the way I receive and reply to comments has changed. Well, we will see. Other blogger things are available. I think it is all to do with new personal protection legislation. What do I know? I just know Louise of Quilt Odyssey mentioned it. I will find out soon enough I suppose.

There was a little bit of sewing done this week. Sandra launched her second Annual Quilt A Long a couple of weeks ago. It is her #plusplaytime quilt, a variation of her design that appeared in Modern By The Yard, a free e-zine.

 Just by chance, Sandra had very kindly sent me her offcuts from the magazine quilt, she knows I love spots. So, what else could I use to make this quilt?

It was a bit optimistic of me to think I could make the whole quilt from the small, albeit very generous, stash of spots and squiggles fabric. Time to break into my own stash. I decided to go as far as I could with Sandra's fabric, and then sashay along into mine, rather than mix them up. Sandra's fabric, with a bit of judicious joining here and there, lasted for a whole row and a half.

 Then it segues  rather neatly into my contribution.

A hallmark of Sandra's designs is a shadow outline. Last year, we had maple leaves scattered over a large maple leaf. This year the pluses are dancing across a larger cross. I decided to make this really stand out. The background of my background is cream. My background giant plus is blue, surprise, surprise. Two shades of blue. The top and bottom part are kona oasis (left from the Postcard from Sweden we collaborated on). The middle section of the cross is another kona fabric of forgotten name. It tones in nicely however.

So, I have two rows done, one row to go to get the finished quilt. I have been thinking. Thinking hard. I have some very nice spotty fabric from Purl Soho. Still nice folded in its bags. I am saving it. Maybe it is time to break it out. I will think about it.  My quilt will make up rather smaller than the original design. To get the most out of Sandra's scraps, I reduced the final block size from 3" to 2.5". That's fine by me.

Now, what am I going to use for backing? I have no idea.
Where is this quilt going to go? (usually a question from my husband) I have no idea.
All I know, is I like this already and know it will be loved.

My sun lounger quilts, Mr Cool and Mrs Hot Hot Hot seem to have become sofa quilts, they have yet to make it outdoors this year. Maybe that creates and opening for the sun loungers.

Anyhow, what else  have I been up to? My son and his lovely fiancĂ©e got married, that was lovely. A special time for us and a chance to meet the rest of her family, our new family. We had a good time. This daughter in law, too, is a crafty girl. Both my daughters in law are crafty girls! All the wedding decorations were made by her herself, and very good they were too.

I got some yarny shopping done. My favourite yarn shop in USA, Loop in Philadelphia, was as obliging as ever. Purl Soho is my favourite yarn shop in New York , but don't tell Loop that, they might be hurt. I bought this great blue and white yarn for a two colour sweater for myself for the winter.

 I also got a Fringe Supply project bag. I know, they are deadly expensive, albeit cheaper in the USA. And, did I really need one? Of course I did. And of course it is blue, my favourite. I know, I could have made one myself, but this is rather nice.

After the wedding we went on to New Orleans, which is very cool whilst being very hot. A great  city, lots to see and lots to do. And a yarn shop! I bought two skeins of Malabrigo, and some rather cool buttons.  I know that's a French yarn, and we were in USA, but I liked it.

I had intended to try and pick up some quilting rulers and some wedding scrapbook stuff, but I came down with a mystery tummy bug and missed out on my day for that. Ah well, there is always next year! I had also wanted to buy some jolly red, white and blue fabric to make myself a July 4th mini quilt. As I say, there is always next year.

Helen x

PS, I know its not just not me, Miss Tish in Wonderland, but doesn't Plus Playtime, sound , well, just a bit, you know, like adult playtime?
joining up with Sandra mmmquilts and her plus playtime qal


  1. Of course you 'needed' a Fringe bag!!!

  2. Well Helen: It sounds like things have been just perfect for you lately ....other than the heat. It was too hot here for a while as well . I think 28 and very humid which is normal in July but not late May early June. it has cooled down nicely to about 22 I think which is very bearable for us. We have been toiling in the garden and practicing our free motion quilting ...well not Dwight for that part. I love your plus playtime.

  3. It's coming along nicely. Can't wait to see all your three rows pieced together. Sounds like you had a great time in USA.

  4. How awesome that you have some of Sandra's dottie scraps to incorporate into your version of Adult Playtime. :) I hope that thing cool off a bit and that you have a lovely summer. It sure sounds like the wedding and trip to the US were delightful (minus the stomach bug).

  5. We are cooking here too, making me a big fan of indoors and air conditioning. Lot's of rain as well...making the humidity unbearable. Sandra sure knew the correct fabrics to send to you. I can't see a polka dot and not think of you :)

  6. Hi Helen,
    Wow, I can't believe how far you got with Sandra's scraps! That is just fabulous, and the fabrics from your own stash blend in nicely. I really love the blue main plus sign surrounded by cream. The cream really makes all the plus signs stand out nicely. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Lovely spotty scraps and they blend nicely into your stash bits too. You really need to call this quilt Adult Playtime now.

  8. Oh Helen, it is hotter than normal just about everywhere I have been. Love how your fabrics played nicely with Sandra's Scraps resulting in a lovely fusion Playtime quilt. Husbands all over the globe ask the same question - who is that for? I dunno, I answer. I just had to make it. You have quilts on tap, he responds. Yes, we are quilters. DUH!!!


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