Thursday, 12 April 2018

Message On The Bulletin Board

There is a  message pinned to the bulletin board, it says "You are doing ok!" . That's good to know. My Belfast Bulletin based on Sarah Goer's ombre hst quilt which was my answer to a calmer Postcard from Sweden by Kelly of Jeliquilts, is coming along. We are ok. Since the Pfaff was serviced, things are just bobbing along nicely.

The quilt has been basted, I used a combination of spray and pins. No matter how tightly I think I have basted, it is still never tight enough. I suppose that is partly why people get their quilts long arm quilted, it is on a frame and as taut as ... well as taut as a quilt on a frame. I am too taut , sorry tight, to pay to have quilts long armed, and have no space here for a long arm.  So quilting on my Pfaff I have to be tolerant of lumps and bumps. They all had to the character of the quilt.

I decided, with my straight line quilting to stitch a line 1/4" from the cross ways ditch with a pale blue thread. I did 5 lines of this, just following my nose, each line is as far apart as my stitching foot and needle will allow.

 On the other side of the ditch, I moved out a foot width. I did 3 lines of a mid blue, again as far apart as moving my needle across the foot would allow. This stitch as also as long as my machine would go. Next I moved to a navy blue thread and did 2 rows of mid length stitching. So far so good.

Next I swung the quilt around and started stitching along the length. I am following the same process, rows as far apart as my needle and foot will allow, this time with a mid length stitch. I am going 3 rows to the left of the ditch with a dark bottle green. That is finished, more or less. Next up is 3 rows to the right of the ditch with a bright, light green.

I of course have a spot fabric for the binding. Not sure about it. I bought a navy spot but it looks very dark, practically black. The shop only had pale blue or pale green in my colours, so navy it was. I am a whiles off though before worrying about that.

The quilt handover is in a few weeks, Sandra's mmmquilts linkup for the finish of the Postcard from Sweden and variations is next Tuesday. Now .... I am busy over the weekend so no more quilting .... but ..... linkup lasts a generous week. And Sandra really is lovely. The quilts have to be nearly finished, not necessarily finished, washed, tumbled and bed ready!

So, the latest bulletin on the Belfast Bulletin is that we are underway. We are calm and relaxed about the whole thing, meeting our targets so to speak.

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  1. I have to say I am enjoying my ride on the Belfast Bulletin and from the scenery of the pictures it looks like we will be approaching the station pretty soon :)

  2. Quilts are supposed to have character...aren't they!

  3. A nice calm and relaxed ride is good! You've got this.

  4. It’s coming together beautifully, Helen! I am going to need to take a class from Jacquie Gering one day to learn her walking foot secrets.

  5. I think "calm and relaxed" are excellent targets, personally. I'm loving all the beautiful blue and green threads in your quilting :)

  6. Slow and steady! One of the reasons I started hand quilting is because I hated basting for the machine so much.

  7. I like how you're quilting this. Can't wait to see it all finished.


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