Saturday, 6 January 2018

FAL 2017 Round Up Qtr 4 (part 4)

Lastly  to link up in the FAL is my what the fade shawl designed by Andrea Mowry. Completed shawl  blogged about here, and listed in my FAL projected finishes. I only finally blogged about this a week or so ago, though I have been wearing it from the beginning of December.

In a nutshell
pattern - #what the fade
designed - Andrea Mowry
yarn - skein queen
size - one size fits all
began August 2017, finished December 2017

Loved it
Hated it
Love it
Will wear it for ever

Helen x
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ps In the next week, there will be a post of FAL for 2018. That I promise is the end of the lists for a while!


  1. Well done. There was only one item I didn't finish off my list.

  2. I love the colors in this one and they look so good on you; absolutely wear it forever!

  3. Gorgeous shawl, gorgeous colours, gorgeous photo!! Thank you for taking part in the FAL - from the FAL hosts.

  4. Great finish! I love the colors and the ombre affect.

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  7. I love this shawl. It is GORGEOUS! It almost makes me want to take up knitting! You are incredibly talented! Take care, Mary.

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