Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Reviewing My Portfolio

Still not a post on the finish of the Circles quilt - The Circles quilt is finished for now, and on the bed for now.

In the meantime, here is finish that has been finished from, way, oh end of October. My Portfolio Scarf by Erika Flory. The Yarn was bought in Loop Philadelphia back in 2015 and the scarf knitted autumn 2017. That in itself shows how far I have come. I insisted the store gave me the print copy of the scarf as I didn't use Ravelry though I was registered. It was only at the year's store visit, I realised that meant I couldn't access the online copy though I had effectively paid for it!

I love this scarf. I had thought the  yarn was slightly chunkier than the pattern  suggested. I had "sport" wool in what I thought was the variety of Sketchbook. It turned out when I emailed Loop Knits to check needle size, that Sketchbook was the colour way and not the yarn type, but I did have sport plus! Two countries divided by a common language! I must say the shop was super speedy in replying to my queries.

Anyhow, I LOVE this scarf. I finished it in time for my Scrapbooking weekend, hence the rather moody photos. Not that the weekend was moody, but that the photographer friend, was looking for an atmospheric instagram look. You know, I am deep in thought or looking into middle distance photos. Work best on 20 year old  instagram wannabes I think.

Because my yarn was a little chunkier, I just kept going until the yarn ran out. This gave me, I think, one more band of lace and garter stitch.

The hanging in the tree photo was taken by me this morning, in our garden. Our apple tree with its festive Christmas apple baubles.

Ronald, our resident big head, likes it too. He only wears things which preserve his dignity.

Brilliant scarf. I didn't block it. Just wear it, and it stretches beautifully. I can see myself knitting this again. This just leaves me my purchases from 2016 and 2017 to knit up! The 2016 purchase still just has the paper pattern, doesn't matter, I am not going to knit that cardigan now anyway. In 2017, the lovely assistant cracked me! Told me she would link me up to Ravelry and found me in a blink of an eye! And NOW I use ravelry!

This is one of my Finish A Long projects.
I have finished my other knitted Finish A Long project, my #what the fade shawl. I have been wearing it loads too, just need some photos.


  1. Its lovely Helen!!
    I still haven't finished my WTF or my Free your fade either! 🙈

  2. Lovely scarf! Almost wants to make me take up knitting.

  3. So pretty! I love the color you chose, and a finished scarf looks like magic to this non-knitter. You look lovely (if moody) in the photos. Your hair is so smooth and shiny!

  4. You make me want to wear my two knitted scarves more often! And make this blue one--LOVE it. It's on Ravelry? You should Ravelry-me it or whatever they say ha! The blue really suits you, and Ronald, and looks all artsy in the tree. Do they yarn bomb statues or trees in Ireland? We do here, very cute.

  5. Wow! You have been a knitting/crocheting machine lately! I love seeing all your stocking caps on Instagram that you've been making. It's an art a never learned. I really should sit down and have my mom teach me to crochet before the opportunity passes.

  6. Lovely scarf and you do suit the colour, LOVE your model poses, very fetching! I am not really a knitter although I can knit, but as my son is getting married in May I might just make one or two baby things. Well, I ca always hope can't I? Plus the rate at which I knit I need to get a jump on it. Merry Christmas to you and yours Helen, and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

  7. I love a good scarf and yours is a gorgeous colour, not to mention the pretty fancy stitching. It suits you very well too.


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