Sunday, 31 December 2017


Argh, how quickly time flies past. Another year end, tonight is New Year's Eve, spent at home contentedly watching tv, if you want to know. Year end, time again to finish about the markers in my quilting life, Yvonne's 2018 Planning Party, feel free to click on the  link in the side bar. The picture below is purely a photo. Maybe I should be trying to boost my IT skills as well!

 and then next week the Finish A Long. It is important to be optimistic, this is fun, not goals to beat yourself up with. So, having established that,


Quick Recap of My 2017 Planning Goals

  1. Not to join any bees, to concentrate on "selfish sewing"
  2. Join another quilt a long, I enjoy these
  3. Another quilt for my own bed, using Cotton & Steel fabrics
  4. A collaboration with another quilter, using Cotton & Steel as above
  5. A quilt or two for my daughter
  6. Enjoy this hobby and strengthen my quilting friendships
So, How Did I DO?
  1. I joined a bee. How could I not? A personal invitation and three friends already in the bee.
  2. I have participated in two quilt a longs, firstly Freefall with Sandra, and then Wayward Transparency with Yvonne,
  3.  No quilt for my own bed as yet, though lots of hst made
  4. Susan and I collaborated, and Tish joined in. Only Tish finished!
  5. Success! A grey and white houndstooth quilt for my daughter's own bed and a partially quilted circles quilt for her spare room.
  6. Success, I have made some new friends, and strengthened those from before.

Plans For 2018

to be honest, much the same as this year.
  1. I will continue in the Beeabee, this year we are helping each other to finish up wips
  2. I will probably join in another quilt a long, I enjoy them and there is usually the prospect of winning a prize!
  3. Finish or make more of a start on the Cotton & Steel quilt, though possibly not for my own bed,
  4. Most important for this year, make a wedding quilt for my USA based son and his wife to be
  5. Collaborate with a quilting friend on a project - I think this may be in hand
  6. Make a version of a Postcards from Sweden quilt, this may well overlap with above
  7. Enter lots of competitions  and win lots of prizes to fund this hobby!
  8. As before, continue to strengthen my online friendships
  9. On a personal level, get fit, get healthy, keep a good balance in life but most importantly, Have FUN
And there we are. All perfectly achievable.
2018 - Bring It On!
Helen x
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  1. I hope you do win lots of prizes to fund this hobby! :) Thank you so much for sharing and linking up, Helen. I adore being able to be in touch with you through our blogs and emails, and I wish you nothing but the best and loads of quilting fun in 2018.

  2. May 2018 be everything you want it to be Helen!
    happy new year!!!

  3. Yes bring it on. I hope you continue to have fun in 2018

  4. All great goals for 2018. I like prizes, too!!! And it's definitely all about the fun. I'm watching tv as well, as I play catch up with blog reading. But there's nothing good to watch.

  5. Fun is achievable, I just know it is! Your goals look quite doable, too, and the fun is in the trying, isn't it? I hope you win lots of prizes, Helen :)

  6. I look at your goals and nod my head, yep yep, excellent! Looking forward to the PoS with you in more ways than just sewing. :-) and let me know when you and Sue pull out your C&S again as I was hoping to join in, just didn't have it with me in FL then!


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