That Squirrel Moment

I can blame Sandra  Is she an enabler? No, of course she isn't. She has just given a name to what I am up to..... that squirrel moment. The moment the squirrel sees the something and has to go with it at full pelt.

I had had a thought of this quilt in my head for quite a while. Plain white kona, little Liberty triangles in the corner. Purl Soho has an organised version of this on the website. Their Liberty triangles are ombred down the quilt, colour grouped. Of course mine are nothing like that.

My sensible head came on and I realised it would be full hardy to try to make even a quick wee quilt. After all, I am still under pressure to finish my circles quilt, and don't even mention the knitting. Then I, on the spur of the moment, went for it. Just like that pesky squirrel.

Next thing I knew I was cutting 5" squares of kona white and 3" squares of flowery Liberty fabric. Basically the wee square goes on top of the big square and I stitch from corner to corner of the wee square.   The excess is cut off, and all the squares neatened off.

There was no thought at all in the layout, the squares were picked up at random. The only thing was I tried, hopefully, not to have two squares together. Each print is used twice, I think.

And there we have it. A quilt top, 36" for a visiting baby boy.

The backing? Well, how could I back it with anything other than Liberty. I had a metre of a particularly nice tiny floral. I had a momentary thought of "its only the back", but this is my special Liberty baby quilt. Do it right!

Rather foolishly, I couldn't believe it! I had "borrowed" off this meter, and had borrowed from opposing corners. The so frustrating part, is ..... one of the corners was borrowed to cut squares for the front ....... duh. If you look you can see the missing parts in both corners.

Easily mended, I am getting good at the frankensteining. Here we are, ready to baste .... and quilt ... a week or two to go .......

And don't worry, the circles are still circling. I am quite frankly sick of the sight of them!

Helen x

linking with Sandra and her squirrels.


  1. This is a very lucky and special babe to be getting Liberty! I was going to refrain from asking about the circles, but you mentioned them so I feel safe in saying I look forward to seeing how progress is going there. :)

  2. Sometimes a bit of squirreling helps to regain motivation for a longer term project - that's my excuse anyway!The Liberty quilt top looks lovely :-)

  3. A lovely quilt top for a very special little one.

  4. Sometimes a squirrel's got to do what a squirrel's got to do when it's not feeling too bubbly :) This will make a sweet little baby quilt!

  5. It's beautiful! I love a simple triangle quilt. So classic and symmetrical. And of course the Liberty fabrics are gorgeous and have that amazing smooth softness. Lucky baby!

  6. Oh that is lovely, Helen. It feels like spring and so delicate too. Perfect for a baby. I am sure it will be received with squeals of joy!!!

  7. Liberty no less, lovely. It may be a simple design but it is so effective, gorgeous Helen.

  8. Isn't it funny how squirrels seem to get done much faster than projects that have been carefully thought out? Liberty makes a very up-market baby quilt!

  9. Great quilt. And yes, we have to start using our "good" fabric.


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