Friday, 27 October 2017

The Hedgehogs and Their New Home

Most adults feel an affiliation with or a fondness for woodland animals. This, I believe comes through their parents and walks in the woods.

With our children I think it goes slightly deeper. Our children are all winter babies, so they got loads of clothes as Christmas and birthday presents, and those toddler clothes all tended to have hedgehogs, or squirrels or foxes on the front. Anyhow, our daughter was instantly drawn to the Scion range of woodland animals bought for her in towel form by her brother and sister in law. So, when we went to look for fabric for cushions and we spotted the Scion hedgehog range in Peter Jones'  furnishing fabric department, here was no competition. Well, there was, the owls were a close run second.

The initial plan was we were going to make this a joint project. She would make the two lounge cushions in collaboration with me. As it turned out, she was away for the weekend with a friend, and I thought it would make a nice surprise to have these ready for her return.

Nobody reads my blog for a sewing tutorial, at least I hope they don't. I would find it hard to cope with the responsibility. But I will tell you how to make an envelope cushion.

Buy a 20" cushion filler.
Cut one 20.5" square from front fabric.
Cut two 20.5" x 16" rectangles from backing fabric.
Cut one narrow strip of front fabric, 20.5" x 3 or 4"
Border one of long sides of the rectangles with the front  fabric, making sure the pattern faces upwards. Lay the patterned strip on top of the rectangle and sew, flip back and over sew on the reverse, making sure the seam is aligned nicely on the "right side", either in the ditch or just on the edge of the patterned strip.

Turn a small hem on top of one of the long sides of the remaining triangle.
Next, lay the "dressed" rectangle on top of the table, face up.

Lay the "naked" rectangle on top.
The two rectangles will overlap each other. Sew along the overlap, at the edge of the dressed panel towards each other from each side for a couple of inches. Not too far towards the centre.
Lay the patterned front face up on the table.

Lay the rectangle with the patterned border face down
Lay the naked rectangle face down.

Stitch around the circumference about 1/2" from the edge.
Turn right side out and insert cushion filler.
Decide cushion is too floppy and resew around two edges, taking in another 1/2".

Model on our own settee. Then ...

Take to daughter's house and await her return.

Helen x
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  1. The pillows look great! I bet she is going to adore them. :)

  2. They look great Helen, gorgeous fabric!
    How did Berlin go!

  3. Oh, hedgehogs are so cute! We don't really have them in the States, at least I've never seen one here. It's always a lovely gift to make something exactly the right color and theme for that person :)

  4. These are adorable! I'm sure it will be a happy surprise to find the pillow covers all finished.

  5. Adorable hedgehogs, Helen! What a fun surprise to return home to!

  6. Totally awesome cushions, Helen! That fabric is the bomb! I'm sure Hazel will be (or was) tickled pink to walk in and see these! Thanks for the tutorial; stop selling yourself short; your work is wonderful, and it is always good to see how people create their gems. (ha! that just flowed off the fingers as I typed)

  7. PS love your terminology and humour (as always) too btw, so refreshing!

  8. Love the hedgehog fabric, I bet your daughter loved them and what a lovely surprise, nearly as nice as the one you gave me!


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