Friday, 13 October 2017

I Am So Much More Than A Hounddog!

The quilt is finished, the 240" of hand stitched binding are slip stitched, all in one sweep I might add. The ends are all buried and I am pleased to say #houndstoothquilt designed by, aka my #hounddog or #youaintnothingbutahounddog quilt is ready to meet its public.

The weather forecast was dreadful, a huge band of rain just crossing over Belfast and the right hand side of N Ireland, all day today. Apparently this is the prelude to the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia sweeping our way Monday. How nice of our friends in the USA to share their weather. Honestly, we don't want it. Anyhow, the forecast was for rain, but we are a hardy tribe. As we arrived a little before our friends in Hillsborough Forest, we decided to take our photos first.

First we headed up towards Hillsborough Fort, the fort was built over 700 years ago, 1630 to be precise, built on the sight of an old clan McGuinness stronghold. We had fun with my husband trying to stop the quilt blowing away whilst I tried to snap photos, all of course, not showing any part of him, being publicity shy.

We hung the quilt over the wall surrounding the ramparts. In the background is the steeple for the Church of Ireland which is very quaint, and indeed used by the Queen when she stays in her royal palace, just across from the Fort.

Then we saw the tower, it was too much to resist, a Rapunzel shot. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your quilt!

Then over to the square tower of the fort for some photos.

In the background of this, you can spot the roof of Hillsborough Castle, the royal palace.
We headed then down to the lake for another photo opportunity. The wind had got up rather and there was a danger of the quilt blowing across the lake. Not a good idea. What with trying to get a photo of the lake in the background, the quilt all front on, and no parts of the husband, it was all a bit of a faff.

So, next we headed to the wee bridge and the fishing sign. I love this sign. I have a strong affection for this sign. I used to bring my children here during the school holidays for walks.

 We used to meet Granda here for walks, feed the ducks. The fly fishing sign always caused great merriment. Who knew fish could fly? Well they can! Who knew flies could fish?

Finally we met up with the friends, who all dutifully admired said quilt. We went for a walk round the lake ending up in the Vintage Tea Rooms for coffee and scones. The rain only started when we started the drive home.

And what's up for the rest of the weekend? Well ....... tomorrow I/we are making 11 floral table centre arrangements for a Boys Brigade Reunion Dinner. Luckily I brought my handy stitch snips in my  bag and gathered up some seed heads and ferns for the pots. The friends brought some sedums and hydrangea heads from their gardens. The oasis are steeping in the mop bucket. Glad to see my mop bucket serves some useful purpose!

Finish one challenge and begin another! That is the way to live life. Next up to finish is my blue Portfolio scarf and the I Am Forever Blowing Bubbles quilt and of course my blocks for Beeabee2017 for Sue.

Helen x
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  1. Beautiful location for a quilt photo shoot. I'm glad the rain held off for the photos and most of the day. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. ...and don't forget about your WTF! ;)
    Great photos. :)

  3. Wonderful quilt Helen and as always a post with great photos and information. Now I know why the weather has been wretched for this last half of my week off work. And don't tell your hubby, but I caught a glimpse of his hand in one of the photos.

  4. Such a lovely photo shoot. You are so blessed to have such relics at hand to drape and pose your quilts. As for your weather... I live in the US and I apologize...sorry if we sent a storm your way. Who needs that!? I love your quilt. It’s so simple yet striking.

  5. Wow, lovely quilt for your photo shoot!

  6. Great quilt with the photo shots in a wonderful setting.

  7. This is one of the best photo shoots for a quilt I have ever seen. I especially adored the Rapunzel tower shot.

  8. Wonderful glamour shots, Helen! I saw a tiny bit your husband's knuckles in one shot, so you can tell him he's famous on the Internet now :)

  9. Awesome photo shoot. Congrats on the finish.

  10. I love this quilt and all your fabulous pics. Photographing my quilts is still somewhat of a struggle for me. Take care, Mary.

  11. Congratulations! A fabulous finish and an awesome photo shoot. I have visions, though, of the wind getting up and your husband being swept aloft, holding the quilt like a sail.


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