Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Heading The Ball Towards A Finish

I'm heading this ball towards a finish. I have precisely half a bubble to sew and then enlarge, and then the ball is in the net. Or the bubbles are blown in my bubble quilt.

The consensus of the straw poll, the last time we looked at this quilt, was to finish with a red bubble. A bit of va va voom.  I finished the last black bubble on Sunday and couldn't wait to start the red one. I tipped out my scrap bag and set all the red pieces to the side. Amazingly I think I have enough red scraps without cutting into any actual fabric. I must admit to be surprised, I didn't think I sewed with red as much.

Monday I headed to sew and quickly got two half bubbles sewn. I don't generally sew the quartiles together until all four are completed, but this time I couldn't wait. I really love how this is looking already. Today I headed in to finish but weirdly I sewed the centre red and white the wrong way round three times. I took that as a hint that today wasn't the day for finishing.

So this is were we are now. The state of play. Nearly a finish, so nearly.

This is a nice neat short blog posts so there is room at the end to tell you about a competition for some Liberty fabric. Lucy at the charm about you is hosting this giveaway, Duck Egg Threads have kindly donated the prize. Head over to check it out. I've entered!

Helen x
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  1. The red is going to be a great addition. I know what you mean about doing things the wrong way around often enough to know it's time to do something else.

  2. I agree with Yvonne. It wasn't the day. You need to be in the moment sometimes for things to gel. Try again tomorrow.

    So I have to say I do love the red bubble with all the black, but the little voice in my head wants to shout out, "Quilt it with RED thread next!" And just maybe red binding, too. Love the color pop, Helen!

  3. Yes for the red it will add a nice pop.

  4. Some days the fabric just fights you. That was yesterday for me. The half pop of red looks great! :)

  5. Hi Helen Jean. It looks like we have all been there and that it's just not worth fighting the fabric sometimes. The red is going to look great!

  6. It's a wise woman who listens when the universe decides it's not the day for sewing.

  7. You can do it...you're almost there.

  8. I have days like that! Red is going to be perfect! Good luck finishing her up!

  9. So close, you can do it! I love the red added too!


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