Monday, 11 September 2017

Goody Goody Binding Kit, mark ii

Last week I blogged about the Goody Goody Binding Kit that I made for Paula as the MQI Summer Swap 2017. This week I can blog about the Goody Goody Binding Kit I received from Stephanie, aka @mycalicoheart . I had listed in my preferences I liked hexies, text print and strong colours.

Do you think Stephanie read the brief? I think she did.

The hexies print on the inside makes me smile every time I open this up. And as for the bees, well I love bees and try to encourage them in the garden. More relevant to Stephanie and myself, Stephanie and I were both in the MQI bee a couple of years ago.

I also said in my blog post that I wasn't fussed on the strawberry scissor holder, that Lella Boutique had designed, too fussy for me. And that I didn't use Velcro as I hate the feel and sound of Velcro. Apart from that I had no preferences.

And you know what? Stephanie stalked me really well. There is no Velcro in sight and a nifty little pocket instead of the strawberry.

I love this. I love that the little clips can fasten onto the thread strip and the thread can go in the zippy pocket. I loved the bar of chocolate, and am saving the polo mints for the next time I am on a long journey.

We are encouraged to include an extra, a fat quarter is suggested. I love the fabric Stephanie included for me. The selvedge is brilliant on this piece of Cotton & Steel. I have been saving my selvedges and this will be added to the collection.

 And you know what? I included a pair of pink scissors for Paula. I have several pairs of my pink scissors dotted about the house. Just because I have lots, doesn't mean I love any of them any less. The pink scissors, were in and they were out of the kit. And lucky me! Karma! Stephanie included a pair of green blue scissors for me! Good karma!

Stephanie did a really good job. She actually lives just across Belfast Lough from me. We have never met but I am waving my thanks.

I am sad the MQI has closed, but it certainly finished on a high for me. Thanks again to Louise and Ruth for organising this.

ps Paula loved the red felt needle holder in my Goody Goody Kit and the pink scissors.


  1. This is awesome! Stephanie did a wonderful job on this little holder for you. So many little details to make is special and all yours. I love that the little scissors coordinate with the hexies inside.

  2. What a lovely's beautiful and so much thought has gone into it๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  3. This is beautiful and Stephanie clearly did a wonderful job getting the details just right for you. I'm glad it all came together and ended on a high note for you.

  4. Adorable and useful too. Lucky you!!!


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