Sunday, 24 September 2017

FAL Qtr 3 End, part 1, Four Hats

A quick recap of my FAL quarter 3 targets. From memory, it was fairly short and sweet, here is a link back to the Midget Gem Quilts FAL blog post. I have just checked and it was 5 proposed finishes, and unbelievably I have finished three. That's not a bad result in my book.

The proposed finishes were
1 The Houndstooth Quilt
2 The Baby Lucent Quilt
3 The Supersized Economy Squares Quilt
4 The Four Candles Hats for the girlies
5 The Debbie Bliss baby cardigan for our wee dote

As I said last post, these have to have separate link ups so please bear with me.

The Four Candles Hats for the Four Girls. My daughter and her 4 university friends met up for a reunion in Dublin in July. What do you need in July? A hat! Four hats.

I knitted 4 hats in Paintbox Aran wool in the girl's favourite colours. You can read the original story this  Midget Gem Quilts blog post. I have heard through the rumour mill the hats have been very successful as the temperatures begin to dip.


They may even get wrist warmers if the wool holds out, and I can magic enough time. But, sssssh, its a secret.

Helen  x


  1. They are adorable in their hats! I won't say a word about the wrist warmers...mums the word ;)

  2. Lovely hands for the girls and I like the pattern, they look very snug. Fork handles? Classic!

  3. Very cool ! Thanks for participating in 2017 FAL, visiting on behalf of the cheerleading team.


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