Friday, 4 August 2017

You Ain't Nothing But A Hounddog, Reprise

I have a finish! No I don't. I believe a flimsy (unquilted, unbasted top) can be a finish, so can a nearly finish be a finish? I may have said this before.

My Houndtooth quilt is pieced in strips. That's 10 blocks across by 10 strips deep. Now I "just" have to trim the strips and piece them together. Then iron it to death. Then baste it. Then quilt it.

I love this. I am so delighted with it. It matches my kitchen floor so well, I might just use it as a mat and not a quilt after all!

I am  delighted to see all the purple arrows face in the right direction. Rather pleased with that. And rather pleased that the purples didn't get muddled up en route.

There was a lot of labelling and bagging went on here. And checking and rechecking. So much so, that I was surprised when I was a shale colourway block short in the last row. I had been methodical about these. The extra block sewed onto the penultimate strip explains why I was one short!

Look at the last strip. The whole way to the very end of the quilt, and the very last blocks are the wrong way round.

 Maybe they should be my Amish blocks. Apparently the Amish quilters always made/make a deliberate mistake because only God can reach perfection. It is an insult to God to imitate him. I think my daughter would prefer the mistake corrected. Oh the perfect pain and irony, to sew all these blocks together and make a mistake in the final two blocks!!!

The houndtooth pattern is from Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and is from a design by Belfast's very own Judith of Justjudedesigns. The fabric are all kona solids, I will list them next time. Crazy Mom Quilts who hosts the link up for finished quilts is taking August off from blogging, so that gives me a month to finish. Ha Ha.

Helen x
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  1. It looks fantastic, Helen, and I bet you can get those last two pesky blocks re-done in pretty short order. It does look like it would be right at home as a rug in your kitchen. :)

  2. Great work! I think if you can lay it out on the floor and it looks like a quilt, it counts.

  3. I'd never have spotted that if you hadn't pointed it out, once you notice something though it's best correcting it, if it's still at a correcting stage of course, otherwise you will never be happy with it. Mind you I would probably have spotted the extra one on the end of the row, probably as I was stitching it together! It's looking great by the way, I love the way you shaded the greys and the splash of colour in the purples, it's beautiful.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful Helen...I look forward to seeing it ironed, basted and quilted next week lol 😁 it's a biggie that's for sure...your daughter will just lurve this I am sure....hugs xxx

  5. It is a beautiful quilt. Do you have a quilting plan yet?

  6. Ha ha! Your Amish comment made me laugh :)

    My theory is that Amish quilters didn't deliberately made mistakes. I think they messed up exactly like we do, but with less colorful cursing. Probably lots of Amish muttering, though (would that be in German? German is a great language for muttering, very gutteral. "Mutter" is probably a German word, in fact.)

    Then, some brilliant Amish gal, probably a real community leader, came up with that line: "Oh, only God is perfect so I made *deliberate* mistakes in my houndstooth. Of course, I could have made all those fiddly bits line up in color order (mutter, mutter, mutter) but I am humble so I stitched on an extra block." And all the other Amish quilter ladies said, "Yeah! Us too! Every mistake is DELIBERATE. You know, FOR GOD." And they all lived happily ever after (mutter, mutter, so many similar shades of grey, only God could get this right the first time, mutter mutter).

    I think you're a saint for tackling this tricky pattern. It's so lovely, though, and I predict you will be thrilled with the finished piece :)

  7. I love how this is turning out! And you are right, it does match your kitchen quite nicely, but let's stay on the quilt path and not rug :)


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