Friday, 25 August 2017

Well, Hounddog, You're Nearly Finished

My "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog" quilt? We have a nearly finish. A flimsy finish. Is "flimsy" because it is just the top layer which makes a rather flimsy, thin bed covering? Or is it because you chance your arm using the word "finish" and hence a flimsy finish.

So, we have not quite a Whoop Whoop! yet but a Ta Dah! I have sewn all the blocks together on my Houndtooth quilt.

Please excuse the "not great" photo. It was monsoon raining outside, so an indoor photo to start. It would have made more sense if my usual holder upper had held the quilt, and I took the photo. As we do usually. The quilt holder upper seemed to be busy, so it was all rather rushed.  I suppose he is allowed his own life.  This does show that the quilt is longer than 5' 1", which is good. 

I had a bit of free time and a free house last Saturday afternoon. The local football season has started up again. This meant I was able to spread all over the house. I had them all laid out in order to ensure no mistakes (?) on the kitchen floor.

As the strips were sewn they were all laid out on the sunroom floor to double make sure everything was in order. I think I took this photo in the brief moment of sunshine.

Only once did I start to sew a strip on the wrong way round, and I realised within a block or two. The kettle boiled all afternoon, lots of caffeine to keep the creative feed going. And of course the tv on, those American twins who do up and sell houses on feed. It was pouring outside but what did I care? I was a pig in clover.

The design is by Judith of Just Jude Designs and it was published in Love Patchwork and Quilting last autumn. My daughter and I had been looking for a quilt design for her bed, and she liked  the modern clean lines of this. We decided on kona greys and two contrasting purples from The Village Haberdashery and the now sadly defunct Fluffy Sheep Quilting shop. I will list them in the next post. Think I have said that before!

The purples are similar toned but a few shades apart.

This quilt is the "main one" on my FAL list for this quarter. (I have completed the camel quilt, which was another). Quilting and completing is rather dependent on the postal system and HM Customs. I tried to source this Alison Glass Blueberry Park fabric  online, but couldn't find it in the UK. Just by chance there was a sale in Craftsy, though the postage charges are on top. And possibly but hopefully not, customs charges. It will be perfect though for the backing. When it arrives, it will be all systems go.

I have been more knitting and reading than sewing recently. Quicker results and more sociable I find. Now I have this all pieced I have a new burst of enthusiasm. This is just as well. I am taking part in the mqi summer swap and the deadline is looming. I started today and am quite excited about this. More to follow! I also have a few other wip which I am feeling the love for again. Roll on September. 

Helen x
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  1. looks great Helen!
    Monsoon!! That is a good description of our weather this week! :(

  2. The quilt looks just as lovely in your sunroom as it does in the kitchen. Very crisp and great colors. I hope the Karen Lewis print arrives quickly for you.

  3. Wonderful pics and another great are rocking and rolling lately missus😀 very impressive ... And yaay to the start of another football season...hugs xxx

  4. Congrats. A flimsy finish is a finish in my mind. Hope the backing arrives soon so you can get it quilted.

  5. Love the look of this one and yes a flimsy is a finish as far as I'm concerned.

  6. It turned out great! I love how you have the purple going in the opposite direction! What a great day when you can spread out blocks and just sew until the cows come home!

  7. "Pig in clover" made me laugh...that's not a Yankee expression. Love the photo in the sunroom with the light dappling over the Hound. It looks perfect!

  8. I love this one Helen! Where do you find the time with all your fun travels? On another note, I commented this morning on this through Bloglovin & it didn't record again. I've got to remember to click on through to the original post.

  9. It turned out great Helen, you have a great workflow, I don't know how you do it all. Congrats on another target reached.

  10. I love this simple design! And you put lovely colours together.

  11. That is one fabulous quilt! It's so appealing with the two color strips and I love that they go against the flow.


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