Friday, 18 August 2017

Back To The Hexies

I had two big crafting achievements in the last couple of weeks, the Lucent baby quilt, or the Camel Quilt, blogged about last Saturday, and the mammoth achievement of a family history Scrapbook Album for a relative. Both of these are handed over, as were all the hats from a few weeks so ago. So,  I have decided to think about myself this weekend. I thought I would drag out all my Liberty hexies again.

I had reached stalemate with these, not because I was fed up or bored, but because I had found the joy of socks. (read it aloud!) I have been knitting socks, and these are wonderfully transportable when you go on holidays, and probably easier on the eyes that sewing hexies.

 I  had also reached the point where I had to decide where I was going. The original intention had been to float these on a white kona background, calm and restful. It was getting rather on the large size for that, and it would involve a lot of white hexies. I still have rather a lot of Liberty fabric I have yet to hexie. The end of result would be too big.

I thought about it over the last few days, and have decided to change direction. I think I like them all butting up against each other. But how to go about this?

Darker fading into light?

Colour group?

Just all together in a mix up?

I am going with the pic 'n' mix. The top pic 'n' mix photo.

To be honest, after crawling around the floor, the photos all look much of a muchness.

 This quilt is for me to snuggle up (vegetate) in front of the tv. If it is too structured I will be forever torturing myself with "I should have done this", "I should have done that". Random placement will be less stress inducing ~ I think.  My husband also kindly pointed out that I have a reputation for spilling my drink, whether it be red wine, whiskey or simply coffee. As I sit here typing with some curry down my t shirt, I have to agree with that a plain white background might not be such a good idea.

It will be a  lot smaller without the plain white in-betweens. This way I can start to piece it together now then add to it as I go along. If it was too structured I couldn't do that.

I still have a fair wee stash of Liberty fabrics not used yet, all neatly folded (?) as you can see.
I like the pink and purple one just peeking out.

I have a fair wee stash of Liberty fabrics overall. So far I have only repeated one block, and that was by mistake.

All that fabric though and I have run out of this red and white. I like this but it will have to be a corner.

I have enough of this cycle fabric that I should do something sensible.

I have a whole half metre of this gorgeous animal tana lawn. My daughter in law gave this at Christmas a while back, I have been hoarding it. Wouldn't it make a lovely little shirt for wee boy?

And this ship fabric? Not too pink toned?                                                                                               
Not everybody "gets" Liberty, but those who do really, and I mean, really, love it.
Helen x
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  1. Not more fading Helen!!! :)
    Its going to be beautiful.
    I think I know a little boy for that shirt. ;)

  2. Lots of lovely Liberties! Your hexis are looking great!

  3. The hexies look great. I think random is the best layout. Happy stitching.

  4. I can see the beauty of Liberty but it's just not me, however, it makes fantastic hexagon quilts. I prefer your random layout too, white just isn't a snuggling on the sofa colour. My cream dressing gown went in the bin with many stains but the old grey snuggly one lives on.

  5. I'm not a Liberty person I'm afraid. I do love your random layout though. I need to get back to my scrappy hexies. Maybe I'll wait until the colder weather so I can cwtch under the quilt as I'm adding to it.

  6. Your hexies look great and I like the mix up best.

  7. I am glad you are making something so lovely for yourself. White and I have a love hate relationship, and I would not make a quilt for myself with a lot of white space for the same reasons (nor will I have white towels in my bath).


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