Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Little Bit of Knit and Knatter

If you are a non knitter, I give you permission to look away now. This is a catch up knitting post. If you are still with me, you will know I love all these new terms that blogging has taught me.

Are you monogamous? Are you a monogamous knitter I mean? Are you a selfish knitter? I have been watching (listening) to knitting podcasts recently. Sitting in the garden or lying in bed on a Sunday morning, waiting for my breakfast, is my podcast time. Strange, I don't read knitting blogs, nor have I come across quilting podcasts, except for Yvonne's quilting video inserts.

I have also finally got to grips with Ravelry. It has taken a while. Pinterest is next. I have found that if I hashtag my instagram photos it will upload them to Ravelry. None of that emailing photos to myself when blogging, 5 mins to write the blog, 45 mins to sort out the photos taken on the phone.

And do you know? Knitting is fun too. There are knit a longs you can take part in where you can link up your knits, primarily socks. Ellie from #crafthousemagic on ig and ravelry has a summersockskal . I linked up the bright pink Rose City Rollers socks from last month. I liked them so much I knitted another pair in grey cotton wool from, would you believe, Lidl. They used just under 50g of wool yarn which means I have 3 more balls left. They knitted up nice and soft and the daughter is delighted with her new summer socks.

Time for a change of pattern, though I will be back to that. Flicking through Ravelry I came across the Mercury socks, designed by Kim Drotar and a free download. I had a random 50g ball of Drops Faber wool in a dusky pink, bought in the now defunct Textile Studio two years ago. I think if I make these short summer socks, I will just about make it in the 50g.

 If not, I will finish the toes in a contrast cream and pink fleck "borrowed" from my Skein Queen purchase blogged in my Yarnfolk post. What I will not make is the end of Ellie's link up, the end of the month is looming too quickly. Yesterday I knitted like mad, today I watched Game of Thrones. Such is life. They are knitting I think to a small size 4. I also changed the heel to the slip/rib heel of the previous socks.

In between I have been updating my portfolio. My Portfolio shawl designed by Erika Flory has finally been started, and then just as easily stopped again. I love this wool, sorry yarn. The skeins were bought Easter 2016 in Philadelphia's Loop Knits. I love how the blue is slightly variant in the concentration of blue. Not a huge variation as in a fade, but just a subtle variation. I emailed the shop as I wasn't sure of what needle size to use, I got a reply instantly, reassuring me I was on the right road. Good customer service. And how I have come on in just over a year! At time of purchase I insisted on a print copy of the pattern. Now I know I should have asked for a Ravelry download. This Easter when I bought more wool   yarn, I got both the print and a Ravelry download. Go Silver Surfers! Go Granny! (I can say that now!)

One more yarn update. Last week I won a fantastic prize. I entered a giveaway on instagram, it is great for that. I won!! And again, this was a prize I was really pleased with.

The lovely @kellylay1512 has a small family business . Kelly is an indie dyer and her yarns are beautiful. I won a 100g skein duckling colourway yarn in a merino nylon blend. There were two sock blanks, each hand painted, one in purples and the other in greens. Now what are sock blanks? Yarn that is knitted up in a tube then hand dyed. Then unravelled and knitted up again as socks giving a random pattern.

As Kelly put it there were some extras too. A handmade bar of lego soap! Some sweets and a lollipop, a lovely lavender pin cushion and a brilliant tin. It is almost as if Kelly knows me. I love tins! This tin has flowers on it, the epp flowers I have been slogging over for ages. Inside it is a packet of tissues with the same design. If ever a tin was designed for me, or tissues, these are it!

Signing off today a very happy bunny.
Helen x


  1. Ravelry, is that a posh specialist wool? I know double knit and four ply and my needles have numbers like 10 and 8. It's a long time since I knitted a matinee coat, they are the only size I can cope with!

  2. That was a great prize from Kelly, I do like her yarns but as you know I like ALL the yarns!
    Socks are looking good......there really aren't enough hours in the day to knit, are there.
    Don't use too much of that Skein Queen yarn remember the fade is starting!

  3. I keep hearing about Ravelry. Guess it's time to join. I haven't done any knitting in a while, but maybe I'll take it up again this winter.

  4. Lots of yummy eye candy in this post! I know nothing about knitting, but love going into yarn shops just to ogle the pretty skeins full of color. Congrats on your prize! Always fun to win something :)

  5. Such a lucky lady ... I enter these giveaways, tag my friends (you) so it's nice that someone I know wins occasionally 😀 I too struggle with IT and Ravelry is a challenge, but worth can search for all sorts of knitting patterns. Glad you have enjoyed Ellie @crafthouse magic KAL. I love those shortie socks.
    I am joining in with Ellie's current KAL, The Doodler shawl by Stephen West, but I fear I may have gone a step too far with this I terms of comfort zone. Never having heard of an Icord cast on lol...anyway, us 'retirees' need to keep pushing the boundaries 😉

    Lovely post as always

    Hugs xx


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