Thursday, 13 July 2017

You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog Quilt

I can't believe its a whole week since I last blogged. Some weeks the day just fly past at the speed of sound and some weeks there is just nothing to blog about. This was a combination of the two. The week has flown past and although I have been doing, there hasn't been anything to make a song and dance about.

I have been snatching moments to carry one with my Houndstooth quilt, or as I think of it now, the You Ain't Nothing But Like A Hound dog quilt. My main worry is of muddling up the greys. Some of the greys are very close in tone and it would be oh so easy to get them in the wrong order. There are 10 rows of 10 blocks and I have joined together the blocks within 5 1/2 rows. That makes it over halfway!,

I have been thinking of what to back this with. I can see it with a purple swirl or whorl, or a paisley pattern. It is for my daughter. I may have to sell her on this one, but Momma knows best. There's a lovely fabric in Ikea but unfortunately there is no purple in the colourway. Apart from that small disadvantage it is perfect.
There are a couple of Kaffe Fassett/Brandon Mably fabrics I like too, but she may not like them. I won't run away with myself, I will finish it first.
I was buying wadding and thread for secret sewing and was looking for inspired backing choices in the Paragon, but no go. And this secret sewing? It is the baby quilt I alluded to before. The pieces are cut, the pieces are pieced. I am ready to baste and quilt this. I really, really want to show even a snapshot. The mum and dad of this soon to be here baby, do from time to time read my blog so I will hold back. It is killing me. It is not often I have a completed flimsy to show you!

I have finished the little baby cardigan I was knitting and knitted a hat as well. Just the buttons to sew on. Well, that makes a finish doesn't it? Photos and details to follow over the weekend. For now I feel a pair of socks coming on. Maybe a pair to fit me this time?

Helen x
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  1. Secret sewing can be so incredibly hard when you are excited to show off your hard work! I think it's great you are also making progress on this quilt for your daughter, and I look forward to more details on both as you can share. :)

  2. Did some secret sewing earlier and yes, it was pretty difficult to wait! I love that houndstooth and if you're patient, just the right backing will come along!

  3. Secret sewing is hard.. Love your houndstooth, I know you'll find the perfect backing.

  4. Secret sewing sounds wonderful. You are so industrious Helen... I love seeing everything you do. And so glad you are joining in with Ellie's sock along @crafthousemagic ...looking forward to seeing your shortie socks xxx

  5. I just love this quilt!! I think each shade of grey is well defined and that purple! I want to make one! What size are your blocks?

  6. Your Hound Dog quilt is coming right along! You're right, those greys are very close together. Easy to mix them up.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the secret baby quilt and hoping we'll get a glimpse of the wee cardigan, too?

  7. It's so hard sew and not share, isn't it? At least you can show us Hound Dog in the meantime. Good luck with your search for a backing; I like that Ikea fabric; such a shame it's the wrong colours.

  8. Oh doesn't secret sewing just bubble up inside you until it is almost exploding to get out. The Houndstooth quilt is coming on great, I'm sure you will suddenly spot the perfect backing when you are least expecting it. I like the Ikea fabric.

  9. At least you are doing your secret sewing Helen.....I'm just thinking about mine.


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