Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Two Needles V One Needle

I find I like to knit in the summer. Knitting is portable. I can knit in the garden whilst the sun shines, or doesn't. I can knit in the sun room whilst relaxing. I can knit watching tv in the evening. Really, it is more sociable than locking myself away in a garret to sew.

And what am I knitting? I am knitting lots of things. I will never be a one project at a time kind of gal. I am knitting 4 hats all in bright colours for 4 friends who meet up from time to time, #operationhat . These wee ribbed hats knit up quick and easily. They are fun to knit and hopefully fun to wear. The last hat was to be purple, I have the purple wool, but I have decided to go with green. The green from the aran hoodie will fit the bill here.

Next up to finish is a little baby cardigan I have been knitting. It is Debbie Bliss wool and I have the pattern linked on my Ravelry page. I am helenmidgetgem on Ravelry too. This is knitted from the top down, a new experience for me. It is not finished simply because I the 4 dpns (double pointed needles) for the sleeves were attached to a pair of socks.

And lastly on the knitting front, I just have to sew up this lovely bear from Mary Jane's Tearoom. I won the bear kit just before Christmas. As you know I love knitting, hate sewing up. With knitting like this the sewing up is crucial to the make or break.

Knitting is different now. Knitting is "on the needles", wool is yarn, and balls of wool are cakes. Go figure.

Helen x


  1. Love the little cardie and I'm really looking forward to seeing the bear!

  2. Okay that's a new one, 'balls of wool are cakes'?? What happened to (dare I ask?) balls? We've neutered the knitting industry I guess...are skeins still acceptable lingo? Wow you have so much on the go, quilting and knitting-wise. I tackled the dratted lace shawl again, but my heart is not in it, so it's not progressed past showing Brady how to cast on!


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