Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Best Things in Life are Free

The Best Things in Life are Free. Not just free once, but free twice. How come?

My Elizabeth fabric from Tula Pink came to me free in a blog giveaway. I was so pleased. I know some find Tula Pink too busy, bit like Kaffe Fassett, but I like it. I particularly loved the Elizabeth bundle I won. As I check the Tula fabric archive online, I see some of my Elizabeth fabric is actually Prince Charming fabric. Even better, every Elizabeth needs a Prince Charming.

And when I was looking for fabric for some secret sewing, that's right, more secret sewing, I found what I needed in my stash. The perfect chance to use the Elizabeth. So free, not just once but twice.

I have been told in my scrapbooking group I don't do budget. I must admit I do like the finer things in life, but I think I have been misrepresented. I don't so much do budget, but I do do frugal. (do do frugal, that sounds weird). I can make a very little go a long way. I stay in posh hotels, but I don't spend much day to day on holiday, apart from food and drink. And they don't count. Now the children have left home I don't buy supermarket meat, I go to the butcher . Its more expensive but more ethical, but I can make a roast last all week. I was going to say make a joint last all week, but I know how that would sound!

Anyhow, back to Elizabeth. I have finished my secret sewing. I am pretty pleased with it. I will show you next week when it has been, not so much handed over, but shared. I hope this doesn't give away the surprise too much, I never could hold my own water!

Back to frugal. I bought some Debbie Bliss eco yarn in Winchester in the spring. It was on sale so I bought half a dozen balls. I wish I had bought all of it, but I thought at the time that was a bit extravagant. What I bought cost me about £9 from memory. I knitted a friend's new grandson a ribbed sleeveless jumper from my library copy of Debbie Bliss classic baby knit.

  I then started a baby cardigan for a baby  that's expected. This is a free ravelry download, a garter yoke top down baby cardigan. I made the yoke a garter stripe, and here it is. Ta Da! A finish from my Finish A Long list no less.  I also knitted a hat from one of my sister's many, many knitting magazines.

And there is still wool left. Not a lot, but most of the ball of white and about a quarter of the greenish ball. Now, my cousin has a new grandson this week. I was going to buy something, but the baby's mum has loads of friends, and a little boy already, so loads of tiny baby presents coming there already. The little hat knitted up so quickly I think I will knit a variety of hats. And the first one will be with the remnants of this wool. How does a hat for every day of the week sound? OK?

See, I do do frugal. Not bad all for less than a tenner! And its ecological and nice wool too.

As for my "real secret sewing" this week, it is coming on well too. Today was a lovely day, so basting in the garden was an option. All basted and ready to quilt. Wish I could show you.

And the 4 hats I knitted a couple of weeks ago? Well, that reunion weekend is over and done with as of today. So I can do the big reveal. I will do that tomorrow. This blog post is long enough already.

Helen x
joining in with Molli Sparkles, Sunday Stash


  1. love the little jacket...Debbie Bliss Eco is lovely yarn!

  2. I can relate to a lot of what you say, Helen. There are some places and items for which I pay whatever is required, but in general I think I can budget/be frugal with the best of them. Pick your battles. And it sounds like you did well with your free items! Looking forward to seeing and reading more. :)

  3. Well it sounds like you do frugal quite well. I pay good money for lots of things especially if there is an ecological or ethical advantage to doing so...I'm not sure if I do frugal I'll find out when I retire. I guess I do frugal by not buying lots of stuff (except for fabric) I buy good clothes and shoes but not an overabundance of them. Love your knitting.

  4. You do do frugal? Sounds like a song! I used to be frugal in my quilting in only buying fabric when I was starting a new quilt, then I started buying it because it was on sale, then it got out of hand, sad. Going back to buying it only if I need it again, there is always a 'must have' fabric in the shops. Unless it is low volume on sale of course, I can justify that one, and solids, I really need solids, and tone on tone are a necessity really............. I'm looking forward to seeing your secret sewing.

  5. You do do frugal I do do frugal too! Oh more secret sewing, seems every where I go it's secret sewing time.

  6. I wholeheartedly endorse that you do do frugal. Me, too! I love the thrill of making something high quality from materials that I've acquired as cheaply as possible. That's why I love buying my fabric on eBay. I can always find someone clueless about fabric quality who is cleaning out their mother-in-law's stash, so the yardage gets sold at rock bottom prices. They see garish fabric folded up in a box, I see Kaffe! And Tula!

    Your little sweater set and hat is just darling. I'm sure it's soft and warm and lovely!

  7. Frugal is the way to go when you make such lovely things 😀 sure the recipients are very happy... Can't wait to see the secret sewing xxx


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