Sunday, 23 July 2017

Looking at Life Through a Window

Last week was sheds, poetry and Falling Leaves, this week I am back to windows again and quatre foil blocks. You may remember, I am taking part in one low key bee this year. The #beeabee2017 bee is organised by Anneliese whom I was with in my first ever bee.

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel, two lovely parcels actually. Now I can use the phrase I heard recently in a podcast "a PARTY in my mail box". Or rather a party on my hall floor after the parcel dropped through the letter box. It doesn't quite have the same ring about it, does it?

Sharon who is on instagram as @sharonappleton sent me two great blocks with pale blue windows and orange vibrant centres and corners. These blocks are for a baby quilt, they will work in really well. Thank you so much Sharon.

Sharon also included a matching postcard. I am curious as to whether this is coincidence or a matter of course with Sharon. She also made a pixie basket with a blue squiggled outside and pink centre. I am  not sure if this is for me or to go with the baby quilt. mmmm. I might have to think about that!

And Sharon also made me a coin purse. I have seen this appearing in blogs and ig feeds and really liked them. And now I have one.

I laid my two new blocks out with the two that I made and the two Tish sent me. They work well together. I know some of the blocks will have a children's theme and some will not. What I am going to do is muddle them up, and make the quilt double sided. I know every quilt has a front and a back, but this could have two fronts. That way, if an accident happens, just flip it over to the other side.
I am going to do another block myself with spacemen. I think it may be the fabric that Yvonne sent me a while back.

Here is the original window that made me fall in love with this block.


And here is a church window we saw in the Church of Ireland in Waringstown a week or so ago. Another lovely window, stained this time. This is a medieval church, it has been around since the 1200s. It even has its Rectors listed from the 1200s, albeit with a bit of a gap until 1400. They mustn't have backed up their computer records of the time!

And now I am feeling quite guilty, as I have yet to do my May block for Gina. It is a Dresden plate. I have never done this, I think I am putting it off but I will have to face up to my fears. Next week. August is catch up month, we have the summer to get to up to date..

Helen x
ps my other parcel was a lovely box of honey. Three honeys. I had taken out a subscription to the Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine and the first whatever number of subscribers got three jars from the  British Honey Co. Rather appropriate in today's post!  I do like honey. On toast. Oh, yes, bread is the devil, I nearly forgot. Again.


  1. I am glad you mentioned at the end what the second parcel was; I was definitely curious! The blocks look great together and how neat if those spacemen are ones I sent... :)

  2. Lovely pics...I am going to start your blocks today Helen..I love this block ....😀 Hope you are ok . Xx

  3. The blocks all look great together.

  4. The blocks are looking great and it's good to see them all together :) Mail box parties are the greatest! Love the little coin purse she sent to you.

  5. I really like that you were inspired by a window (or two)! I often see interesting patterns in buildings or brickwork, but I haven't actually followed thru to make a quilt from those ideas.


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