Thursday, 6 July 2017

Finish A Long Q3

Here we go, here we go, here we go. Finish A Long time again, quarter 3 goals and destinations.

Easily guessable.

1 Houndstooth Quilt
 or as I think of it now, Hound Dog, (You ain't nothin' but a hound dog)
as blogged about yesterday. A whole lot going on here. The rest of the rows to make up then sew together. Three strips down, seven to go.

2 The Lucent Quilt, Secret Surprise Baby Quilt
This is cut ready to go. I blogged before about buying the fabric, we just need to go sewing. I have left out the key fabric in this photo to keep up the secrecy.

3 Economy Square Quilt
 A few more bright blocks, then piece together.

4 Operation Hat
Four bright hats for four bright friends. This is a quick and easy one.

5. Debbie Bliss Cardigan
If I could just find that missing dpn, this would be finished in a blink of an eye.
Helen x
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  1. Good luck with the finishes Helen. I love the bright hats!

  2. Lovely projects to focus on for this quarter! Good Luck!

  3. Great goals. Good luck. Guess I better go set my own goals. And I like Hound Dog ☺

  4. Good luck with your list - three quilts, four hats and a cardigan, should be a piece of cake!

  5. I think you'll have all 5 done easily. I adore that houndstooth quilt! And purple, the subtle two shades, is just an excellent sub for the red from the magazine (see what I did there, commented on two posts with one comment, bad bad). Love the cheery brightness of the economy (another name change, square in a square, no?) block quilt, and the hats. :-)


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