Saturday, 1 July 2017

Finish A Long part 3 - Liberty Fabric Is My Squeeze

Just squeaking in to this Finish A Long is a Liberty skirt. It was blogged about in my earlier Finish A Long post here. I was making for my daughter. Yes, I know, she seems to get lumbered with all the things I try to make. Lucky her. Luckily for my husband, who got her socks yesterday, this skirt definitely will not fit him. I can tell by looking at it.

The Liberty fabric was a bargain, 3 1/2metres bought last June for £30. Trust me that is a bargain for Liberty. There was  mention of a tea dress, but all those button holes. I did make myself a tea dress eons ago, but that was for me, not inflicted on somebody else.

We decided on a flippy skirt with two tiny front loose pleats. We used a Simplicity pattern 1282. There are some lovely patterns online, but we couldn't wait.  We bought local, we were in such an excited rush to make this. It was cut out and the side seams sewn, oh ages ago.  And then it was set to the side. There was a #behemoth to sew.  I didn't like the waistband on the skirt. It was a weird double waistband, a sort of two storey type of thing. It also needed lined. The months ticked past and it was mentioned in despatches recently it might be nice to have it for the summer. Might indeed.

This week it was resurrected. I actually saw a sew along I thought I could manage for a top for myself. There is just about enough fabric left. Even I, who starts so many things, thought it was a bit of a nerve to consider starting to use the "rest of the fabric" whilst the "thing" was unfinished.

The weather had broken this week so I got stuck in. Inserted the zip, put the waistband on and hemmed the skirt and lining. All finished Friday night for link up on Saturday morning after I take some photos. Unfortunately the photos will not be modelled. Too much of a rush for that amount of organisation. Photos will be artistically pegged on to the peas and beans. For now.

Its actually quite difficult to take photos of a skirt without wearing it. It wouldn't fit me. It wouldn't fit him, just as well. He did agree to be the skirt holder upper though. Back and front.

                                                                       the front

                                                                      the back

I told him he was great, he said he was longsuffering. Its the little things that hold a couple together!
Am I happy with it? Overall yes. I should have shortened the lining perhaps before hemming it. It is a little clunky. I was afraid too. I thought taking the scissors to it might be like the time I cut my twins' fringes. A time best forgotten and not brought to mind. I feel a real sense of achievement with completing this.

 Interestingly my maternal grandmother was trained as a classical tailor. She learned to make her first suit  sitting crosslegged. She and her cousin were taken on as apprentices by an elderly Jewish gentleman. A real gentleman, by all reports. My other granny made all my clothes as a child, she was more a home dressmaker. It has given me a real buzz to finish this.

Well, that is my lot. The remaining items on my Finish A Long list,
 The Liberty EPP will wait for another time, it is my life long project anyway.
The economy squares will well be finished by the end of the year.
The grey and purple houndstooth quilt is the next finish.
That's the plan anyway.

Helen x
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  1. I'm sure your HB is gutted he missed out on this one!! ;)
    Looks grandfather was a tailor!

  2. A great finish and kudos to the holder upper even though he didn't model it.

  3. I've not been brave enough to try clothes yet through my aunt trained as a tailoress. Congrats on a lovely finish!

  4. You did it! I hope your daughter enjoys it. :)

  5. You are amazing and hubby is a darling.... I tell my other half about him and I think he empathises have made a lovely skirt and I am sure daughter will be happy with it... Go girl😀xxx

  6. I used to make my clothing when I was in Jr. High & high school - even made my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. But now, it's much cheaper & easier to buy off the rack. Seeing other people garment sewing has inspired me to think about giving it a try again - but I didn't think too hard or long!

  7. Liberty is always fabulous! Great skirt - will look better on daughter than the peas and beans I'm sure. Congratulations on your fab finish on behalf of the global FAL 2017 hosts!


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