Sunday, 25 June 2017

Letter from America

On Friday there was great excitement, when my husband says "there's post for you. A letter from America.". Nothing beats the excitement of post more than a letter from America. Remember the radio 4 programme on Sunday lunchtime with Alistair Cooke? That was a Sunday staple in our house. And then of course there is the well known anthem "letter from America " by the Proclaimers. Good stuff too.

Anyhow my letter from America turned out to be from Tish of Tish In Wonderland. It wasn't eaten by sea creatures mythical or otherwise as she had feared. And what was in this letter? Fabric of course, don't be silly. And so thanks to Tish, I have some Sunday Stash after all. (Read Tish's blogpost about her first hive crash and posting me this, its very humorous.)

Isn't this great? Isn't she great? And it is all from a shop called Helen's Hen Hut. I had joked when Tish and her sewing husband (how do you get one of those?) went shopping there that it was a brilliant name for a shop. Tish very kindly sent me some fabric from Helen's Hen Hut for my role as the Queen of Sheba this month.

Well, when Tish saw that I was the Queen of Sheba this month, (tons of cultural references in this blog post. Could I get a grant for creative writing do you think?) she decided to hive crash. A new experience for her. I am making a Quatrefoil block for this, and would you believe it? The colours I chose were remarkably similar to the colourway in  Tish's recent completed quilt, The Beast. I lucked out there. Tish made me two blocks for my quilt from The Beast fabric.

And here are Tish's two blocks along with my two tutorial blocks.

Cast your mind back to the #behemoth, aka the Coulter Wedding Quilt. As that mythical creature reached completion, Tish was working on its close kin, The Beast. Both were related in that they are both monstrously huge, but really rather cuddly when you get to know them. We joked at the time, what would happen if there was a show down between #behemoth and The Beast, and now there has been. And that quilt child is Quatrefoil. I really think I have seen too many Game of Thrones places recently and it is time to calm down! Much of it is filmed here, and it seems to be everywhere these days, with the new series coming on tv in July.

The Beast
Another stash addition I can sneak in here at the end is the yard of red and white spot I bought for binding the Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade quilts. I think it will work in really well with the red and white ziggy zaggy on the backing, bought in Philadelphia last year.
 They are as yet still unbound, but they are having their first outing this afternoon at the Family Picnic. So far I think there are about 18/19 of us. Speaking of which, the picnic is ready so time to go. As my husband made the picnic, I doubt very much there are white bread sandwiches and lemonade, I think it is smoked salmon in wholemeal, cheese, fruit and coffee. We will save the jam for the big end reveal.
Oh and I nearly forgot, my Cindy's last hurrah fabric arrived from Fluffy Sheep Quilting which closed down sadly last week. It would have been rude not to.

Helen x
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home now and here is me road testing the Red Jam and Lemonade Quilts, the unbound versions


  1. A very happy mail day! I think it's pretty awesome that you get blocks to tie behemoth and the beast together. :)

  2. Love your happy mail, the blocks Tish made are perfect.

  3. How exciting to receive such a surprise! I never heard of Hive Crashing until Tish brought it up...crazy fun!

  4. Isn't it funny how the further the letter travels the more exciting it seems, and exciting it was with FABRIC. I love the colours in behemoth, well worth another look, and with it's cute baby too. I do hope you enjoyed your picnic.

  5. Love those blues. Nice contrast with red ones of latter.

  6. Yeah for happy mail. All packages should come with fabric! LOL

  7. Ha! Funny post :) I'm glad the showdown betwixt Beast and Behemoth was friendly after all. Nice to see your picnic quilts in action and being tested in a dignified way. As you have said, no more hoisting ourselves up from the cold, damp ground with cold, damp bottoms.

  8. Lovely - when I read your post title I was reminded of parcels we'd get from relatives in the states - usually clothes! Glad to see you are getting gorgeous fabrics!


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