Sunday, 11 June 2017

Knit Wits

Its a while since I posted a knitting post. I suppose its partly because knitting takes a while and I tend to leap about a lot when I am knitting. Not literally you understand, but rather that I knit a bit then move on to something else. This week my husband suggested I tidy my knitting table. Yes, I have an orange leather table with a space underneath for my knitting. Initially I was, like, how dare he, then I looked and thought, yes, it is rather a muddle.

Apart from all the coasters, pencils, tissues, and general messiness this is what I found.

One almost finished sock. Not a pair of socks but one sock. Been at this for ever.

One almost finished teddy bear. The knitting is finished, just the sewing up to do. The hard bit.

One baby cardigan.

Only the sleeves and button bands to do. This is the first time I have knitted from the top down. I have previously knitted in one piece as far as the armholes, but this is the first time for upside down knitting. Great. Just need to finish this. The right size needles for the arms are on the socks.

Summer days are made for knitting in the garden. I hopefully have something to show soon.

Helen x


  1. I'm afraid to look at my knitting as I haven't touched any of it in ages and ages....probably all eaten up by moths.

  2. Knitting is nice and portable (another reason I should give it a go). Enjoy yours and the sunshine, while it lasts.

  3. I so understand what you mean by knitting taking over... I have two chairs in the living room occupied by knitting...😀 And then my sewing room upstairs in our guest room... knitting is frustrating as you seem to take ages to do something, find out you have done it wrong, frog it and back to where you started to frog my current socks at the moment as I ham decreasing for the heel bit from the front !! just googling how to insert a lifeline lol....anyway, bet you felt better when you had undeserved your treasures😀 go for it and get them finished... Hugs xxx


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