Friday, 30 June 2017

Finish A Long part 2 "One size fits all"

One size fits all. Rather, one size fits somebody. Not necessarily the person it was intended for. Communal living is what its all about.

These socks were intended for my daughter, who has lovely dainty feet. I blogged about them here on in my FAL list in April .  It was looking good right up to the toe shaping and then the socks seemed, well, a little large. It is ok, her dad has the perfect feet for these socks. Luckily he loves hand knitted socks too.

The wool is from Lidl, it is cheap and cheerful, 4 x 50g balls of sock wool in a bag for I think about £4. The ball label doesn't say what the wool is made up of, but I think the bag label was 100% natural fibres, or nearly that.

The pattern is from one of my sister's magazines, Knitting Extra. The socks are described as "cute cable socks", aren't his tootsies cute?

I enjoyed knitting these socks. The cable was a sort of mock cable, that involved stretching one stitch over four other stitches. The heel is a very deep heel. Remarkably the deep heel wasn't a problem. The socks fitted the daughter fine as they progressed along the foot. Just in case you are wondering, this is my daughter's foot with the nail polish, not his!

Looking at the pattern again, I think I had too many stitches progressing along the foot. This meant the shaping at the toes took more rows which in turn made the toes too long.

I cast off the toes using the Kitchener method. All on my own, I may add. My daughter in law showed me how to do it on the last completed socks, back in February. It is a lovely neat method, much better than the way I had been fudging it before.

The reluctant modelling was done whilst lying on the settee watching tv. My daughter would have got up off the settee to cross and uncross her feet in a bloggy style. You cant get the staff these days.

I love knitting socks. I have knitted 5 pairs now. Every pair has been a bit hit and miss on the sizing and the recipient hasn't always been the intended. I would love to knit everybody socks at Christmas. I would be better knitting pairs at random, putting them all in basket, and saying "pick a pair, any pair at all. Find a pair that fit you."

This is my second finish in the Finish A Long, 2nd quarter. I am hoping I might make it a hat trick before close of play, tomorrow I think.

Helen x
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  1. well they might not have fitted the intended recipient but isn't great that was somebody else waiting in the wings...they look lovely!

  2. Congratulations on the finish! I'd love to see that last finish; you can do it!!! :)

    1. P.s. I call things that are one size fits all... "One Size Fits None"

  3. Cute socks! I had to change to a smaller size needle to get a smaller size. I haven't knit enough socks to tell you if this works for other knitters, too.

  4. I'm the same with socks, every one has been an adventure and no two (of the pair) are the same lol. Love hubby's modelling shot 😀 they look fab on him and the yarn looks great too... Lovely post xx

  5. Cute socks can't say I've ever had this problem but wait maybe that's because I can't knit to save my life...

  6. I used to make socks but I've given up on knitting for now......too slow. I'm glad you have happy recipients for your socks, and I like your Christmas sock idea.


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