Wednesday, 28 June 2017

FAL end of Q2, part 1

Would you Adam and Eve it? It is the end of June , half way through the year and time for the round up that is Finish A Long. Way back in March, only a blink of an eye, I rather optimistically put forward my list of proposed finishes. We all know this isn't really a proposed list of finishes. It is really a list of things that I am working on at that time. Here's a link up to the proposed finishes at the time and a quick recap of my list:
Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade picnic quilts. 2 of.
Green knitted socks. 2 of.
Liberty Print flippy skirt. 1 of.
Liberty hexie epp quilt
Economy square child's quilt
Houndstooth double bed quilt for the daughter

Well, I am  hopeful this quarter. I now present to you my Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade picnic quilts, 2 of. All finished, quilted, bound ends sewn in, ahem, ends snipped off. All ready to rock and roll except the sun has gone away and the summer is over. Hopefully the sun will come back and I will actually get to have my jam sandwiches and red lemonade on a picnic. In the meantime, here is a photo of the quilts in my garden. My friendly quilt holder upper is rather camera shy. That's a shame, as we are about the same height. She is ducking down behind the quilt here!

The blocks were red plus blocks from my Stash Bee, Hive 6 last year. When I laid out all the blocks, there was something not quite right. They didn't quite sing to me. They weren't zingy enough. This was fair enough, I had asked for quiet and calm blocks. When I laid them all out, the blocks were crying out to me. "We don't want to be quiet and calm, we want to be zingy zangy blocks, part of the party. Indeed we are the party." Indeed they wouldn't even lie still on the grass, they were all over the show.

So, I did what all good quilters do. I cut them up and sewed them together again. Now they popped and fizzed the way they really wanted to.

They are wadded with white Ikea polar fleece, to protect my delicate little bottom from the cold and damp and backed with a red and white cotton from fabric row in Philadelphia. (don't go running off to fabric row, most of the shops and have packed up and moved on).

 Edged as usual with my favourite red and white polka dot. My mother in law used to refer to this as a shower of rain pattern. Hope not!

Each finish has to have a separate link up. Last year when I tried to link up the blog post twice, the linky wouldn't play ball. So, each finish is getting a separate blog post. Sure, that keeps up the suspense. What else can I finish before the weekend? All bets are on.

linking up with Judith of Just Jude,  FAL coordinator


  1. Awesome finish Helen. I on the other hand have not finished one of my proposed finishes.

  2. The look amazing, Helen. I like that the placement of the black block is different in each and the backing is really fun. I hope summer comes back a bit so you can enjoy them!

  3. I love the pop of black they are perfect for picnics.

  4. Oh Helen these are wonderful quilts and such great finishes from your list. I love the odd black block. Thanks for being part of the 2017FAL - from the FAL hosts.

  5. Love these!!! Now I want to go on a picnic :)

  6. Scratch that off your list. Well done!!

  7. what a fun quilt! I hope your sun comes back soon so you can try it out!

  8. Such fun quilts, and definitely zingy :)


  9. Oh Helen, I love these quilts. I only wish there were more pictures. I want to see them up close and see the quilting and feel the texture and admire all the different fabrics...


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