Thursday, 11 May 2017

It's Warm Enough to Cast a Clout

Never cast a clout until May is out, but it is still scorchio here, but the weather is due to break tomorrow. Hoping that's not our summer over, as today I basted my two Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade picnic quilts. I was able to baste them on our garden table, which is a largish granite type affair, great to have plenty of room to walk around and the right height.

I decided to make two picnic blankets,

 his and her if you like, previously blogged about here. I felt that my days of climbing back off the ground are over, I am more likely to picnic at a civilised picnic table. Hence, I made two small quilts to cover those sometimes questionable bench seats in country parks. No more "blanket on the ground" for me.

 I also decided to go with IKEA polar fleece instead of wadding. I bought two, but luckily for me each blanket used exactly half a fleece, so I only used one. Now, I know these polar fleece don't recommend tumble drying but that will be ok. The backing fabric is a red and white zig zag I bought in a cheap, pile it high fabric shop in Philadelphia a year ago.

I have got a lot further on with my Dad's Shirts quilt, my Freefall quilt a long with Sandra has got so far a long, I have got to crisis point. Why wasn't dad's favourite green shirt, one of the background fabrics, a long sleeved shirt? Why didn't I cut it up in a structured way instead of hacking bits off it? I cut some of the lesser shirts in a structured way.

I know my photo is very pale, I had to lay it indoors to take the photo I am afraid, I didn't want to be running down the street after my leaves like a leaf blower. And lets face it, my dad tended to pastel coloured shirts.

I have a small whack left , a technical term, and I have the three top right corner bits to faff about with. I might break the habit of a lifetime here and read Sandra's excellent instructions and sew a mock up first. To date I have generally followed her picture rather than her excellent instructions. I drew a plan, a very rough plan and have given it a nod as I work.  I tend to be a very visual person. I see things! But that's a whole other story.

I have two squares to finish that use both blue and green background. And, dammit, one of my carefully cut 8.5" squares seems to measure 8" x 8.5". I might do some creative stitching here, like make a stitched label and pretend   make that part of the design.

It will all be ok on the day. It always is. It is nearly time to think about wadding and backing. An opening for the other IKEA fleece?

Sandra has another linky party going on. I am going to live dangerously and try and get a bit more done before I link up. Hopeful of tomorrow or Saturday. In the meantime I will leave you with another gratuitous photo of Sandra's very own quilt. Photo courtesy of mmm!quilts

Helen x


  1. Your picnic bench quilts look lovely - jam sandwiches and a hint of gingham!

  2. Good idea using the Ikea fleece!
    Not so scorchio today! :(

  3. Your picnic quilts are lovely! A bit of creativity with your shirt piece will be fine when it's all done.

  4. Your plan seems to be working for the Freefall, looks great! And those picnic quilts are beautiful! Nice you could baste outdoors!

  5. I hope that the break in the weather is just temporary and you have a beautiful summer to enjoy the picnic quilts. And good luck stretching the last bits of your dad's green shirt!

  6. I love the shirt idea for the Freefall quilt! But your picnic quilts are amazing! I am curious how the fleece blanket will work for the batting. That is a new one for me! I hope you share that with us!

  7. Great idea to make two quilts for using on the benches, the quilts are looking great. It sounds like your creative instincts are coming into play with the label idea, after all when in doubt, fudge it!

  8. Your picnic quilts really make me want to throw the doors open and run through a meadow ending in a wonderful fried chicken picnic...but since it's dreary and raining and cold again, maybe I should just stay right here and continue dreaming about your quilts. You have made some pretty impressive progress with the Freefall quilt.

  9. Good progress all around! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who find pieces cut 8 x 8.5 instead of 8.5" square. My other trick is to line up the 8.5" mark on my ruler, but cut along the wrong edge. So on my 12.5" ruler, the piece ends up 4". Hmm. Or carefully folding a long piece in half to cut so it ends up twice the measurement, but then cutting right through the fold. Sigh.

  10. Playing catch up here... Get you, basting outside in the sunshine😀 another lovely memory you will have of making this quilt.... Xxxx

  11. I have also done a diagram, mainly to see which way those last 2 complicated/difficult/ why did I leave them to LAST blocks will go, and what colour to use. Yes, like any surgeon in the operating theatre, always get the hardest and longest op out of the way first. Your Mum was very wise.

  12. You are getting busy. I really love your dad's shirts quilt. So pretty!


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