Sunday, 7 May 2017

Hello, It's Scorchio Sunday

Scorchio, scorchio, scorchio. It is into our second week of hot, hot, hot sunshine. The big yellow circle in the sky that usually bypasses us in N Ireland. Generations here have told their children about the great sun that hides behind the clouds, it looks like the moon only bigger, brighter and burnier.

The upshot of this is that the garden is looking lovely, I have upped my intake of vitamin D and there has been only a very little sewing done here. I did continue on my trail for a spool of red and white variegated thread. Can it be that difficult? I have tried Purl Soho in New York City, the Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead, London, and last week I set out to search in Belfast's only dedicated quilt shop.

Well, life is all about compromise. We got a nearly but not quite. There was some YLI red variegated thread, but it was very red, white and blue. I was trying to keep this quite "two chrome" (as opposed to monochrome)... I want simple quilting in my red and white Jam Sandwiches and Red Lemonade Picnic Quilts. The sulky thread was more of pink variegated with orange and grey, but weirdly it looked more red and white than the red spool. I bought two spools of this.

It turns out I already have a spool of auriful red, white and blue thread at home. I think when my simple straight line quilting is done, it will all blend in. I laid my red and white ziggy zaggy backing out on my patio table to baste and discovered I had no wadding left. Grrr. Tomorrow I will go to ikea and buy two white think fleecy things to use as wadding. Where did all the wadding go? It's not as if I finish too many quilts!

Whilst I was there I bought a few fabrics to bulk out the pineapple block for my beeabee2017. You know, my local quilt shop does try hard .... it has quite a good range now  ..... but it would surely be simpler and more aesthetically pleasing to tie a little string or narrow fabric around the off cuts than to use half a ton of sellotape?

The pineapple block is for Katrina. I have one finished, 16". Actually a little bigger, but I will let Katrina trim it.

 and one about half way.

 It took me two months to start this. I couldn't concentrate to make this the last few weeks, but we are getting there.

That's all the stash out this weekend, too scorchio to sew.

It is however "hedgehog awareness week" in the UK this week. By coincidence my daughter made up these mother and baby hedgehogs on Saturday night. These were from a kit bought for her by my daughter in law. Isn't family togetherness great?

Helen x
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  1. The weather has been marvellous, who ever would have thought that we'd be the sunniest place in the UK!!
    I love the little hedgehogs and your blocks are gorgeous.

  2. Hedgehog Awareness. Who'd have thought? I guess when you don't have any, you don't consider their plight! Where I am it's still cold and, well, miserable. Good weather for sewing and reading, but not much else. I have 4-5 projects on the go, all at various stages of completion. Keeping the colors fun and bright to chase away the 'no spring' blues!

  3. The Gutterman thread looks great, and I do bet that the Aurifil will blend in well, too! Congratulations on some sun and warmer weather. :)

  4. After a couple of weeks of very heavy rain causing havoc pretty all across this fine country of mine we have a week (fingers crossed) of glorious sun to look forward to...although it is still a bit cold by our standards. The weeds seem to be doing quite well, not sure about much else. Beautiful thread choices and happy hedgehog week.

  5. Hedgehog awareness never heard of that before. Love the pineapple block!

  6. Liking little red in the middle of the pineapple. I'm on tablets for vit. D deficiency so the blast of sunshine has been most welcome. Even got new sunglasses!

  7. Your blocks are so very dainty but the hedgehogs are so adorable. I am going to read up on hedgehog awareness. It is cold for May. Temps are in the 50s and 60s which is remarkably lower than average May temps in Virginia.

  8. Great stash additions. I love the pineapple blocks too.


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