Thursday, 6 April 2017

Daughter Dearest

Dear Daughter,
Remember I promised to make you the Houndstooth Quilt? For Easter? This Easter? The one to match your bedroom curtains? Well, I am sorry, I am a little bit behind with myself. Easter is only next weekend. Would a big Cadbuy's Easter Egg do instead?
much love
Mum xx

If the art of letter writing was not dead, that is what I would be writing. I promised to make the Houndstooth quilt designed by Just Jude Designs that was published in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine in late 2016. In February I cut out all my fabrics and started. Easy and quick. Then real life got in the way and it was set to the side.

Luckily enough I put all those cut up greys in Ikea bags and labelled them. Not like me at all, but I am glad I did. All those shades of grey look very similar. So what is the state of play?

All the greys and cut up and most of the grey and white hst  are joined either a white or grey square to make a 2 square block. So far so good.

The silver and white or grey blocks are joined together to make a 4 block square in the tooth shape.
I love the shimmer of this silver.

The shale blocks are finished likewise.
The shale blocks are, well, shale coloured. What can you say about shale?

The titanium, iron and pewter blocks are just waiting patiently for their 2s to become 4s.

The purples are as they were when they arrived in the post. Pristine and uncut.

Like my jam sandwiches and red lemonade quilt, I have a good feeling about this one. I look forward to getting further on with it. After Easter!

Helen x


  1. I'm thinking you need to cut into that purple soon! I'm glad you stepped out side of your comfort zone and labelled all those fabrics.

  2. Oooh looking forward to seeing this one finished and yay for being organised. I need to take note of that!

  3. Can't wait to see this one! Silver is my favorite go to grey, and I've just come to love Shale! It's gonna be a pretty one!

  4. So organised! Grey is one of my favourite colours so this is right up my street.

  5. Letter writing is alive and well. I am going to start sending letters to my oldest niece once a week or so as she loves getting mail. Labeling was very wise, and seeing the fabric and blocks grow (after Easter) will be a treat.

  6. I think everyone should realize that when a quilter tells you we are going to make something by a certain date, that in teenie tiny print there is a warning that says something like "terms subject to change due to life, wine, and squirrels." :) Baggies and sticky notes can be life savers sometimes.


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