Thursday, 20 April 2017

Catch Up Is My Pole Position

Catch up seems to be my default position. I see these qal and decide to join in and in the blink of an eye I am playing catch up. Is it because I take on too much? Have too many fingers in too many pies? Sometimes but this time it is because we were on holidays and when I came home the dust fairy seemed to have sprinkled her dust all over my house. Or maybe the house needed dusted and cleaned before I went away and strangely still needed done on our return.

So the state of play with the Freefall  qal with Sandra musings of a menopausal melon? Last Monday everybody linked up their 8 falling leaves on the leaf background. As of today, I have one fallen leaf. One leaf does not a compost heap make but I am happy enough. And here I present my one leaf: It even has its own hashtag #dougieshirts on instagram.

Sandra gave us very comprehensive cutting instructions from yardage. I am making my quilt from some of my dad's old shirts. Now my dad was a smart dresser, a suit and tie man or at least polo shirt and sweater man, never a t shirt or sweats man, or even jeans. He didn't however have a huge wardrobe, after all you can only wear one shirt at a time. One on, one off and one in the wash was his philosophy for most things, and it worked for him. Because of the unknown quantities of my fabric, I am unable to cut following Sandra's instructions. I am hacking at these shirts as required, see how far it goes. There will either be creative sewing towards to the end, or a load left.

I love the way Sandra has put this block together. With the two larger squares, basically you have to make all the separate components to complete the whole block, no putting it together as far as you can and leaving the rest to later. The top right hand leaf point is paper pieced. Lovely. This part of the block has three separate paper pieced sections around a small square. Now, I know Sandra's instructions will be perfect and the maths correct. BUT, paper piecing can be tricky in itself, it involves mirror images, flipping fabric (?) and for me a certain amount of luck. So ... with a possible fabric shortage I simplified mine into just the one paper pieced section. It took me two goes to get it right, the first time my maths was wrong. Once I work out the basic math, I just cut bigger pieces of fabric, stitch and flip. The theory is once I get the first one, the rest will follow. Shame I didn't keep a master copy then.

Overall I am rather pleased, hopefully pride doesn't come before a fall. On this occasion I have had to overcome my dislike of stripes and direction of fabric not matching up. This time it will add to the flow and movement of the fabric. Speaking of fabric, the red stripe is great, a really sturdy cotton, a shirt from the Howick range. The blue Baumwolle shirt for the background is also cotton but being woven is rather stretchy and inclined to fray. I probably should have used a stabiliser, but I hate that. It puts me in a bad mood before I even start. I am just going to wing it and quilt or over stitch any dubious bits. This is for my sister, for her caravan and she will be extremely tolerant of any foibles, as a non sewer, she probably won't even notice any. As my younger sister she no doubt worships the ground I walk on!

If you have any time over the next day or two, check out the New Bloggers' Blog Hop. You may remember this from the last few years, yours truly took part a few years ago. It is a great way to find you blogs to read, gives great encouragement to the bloggers, and who knows ... you might find a new friend.

Last week was week 1, and here are links to Yvonne, Beth and Leanne who were the hosts. There you can see their hives from last week.

And here is the link to the week2 hives Yvonne, Beth and Leanne are highlighting. Yvonne's hive is Blooming Quilters. Beth has Better Bloggers (love that name) and Leanne has Let's Bee Quiltin'
The prizes for week 1 are all done and dusted, but great prizes in week 2.

Just one more thing, for anybody of a football bent, come on Chelsea, the good team in this week's FA Cup semi final. ~(sorry G Mul if you are reading this!) Chelsea v Man Utd on Saturday night.

Helen x


  1. Thanks so much for visit g the new bloggers. I am sure they appreciate it!

    I think that the Freefall QAL is such a wonderful way to use some of your dad's shirts. I say take all the time you need to be happy with it. Linkups are fun and all, but this is going to be something very special when it is done.

  2. New motto, if you aren't behind in your QAL's, then you aren't doing enough :) I HATE the dust fairy! She's cruel and heartless and always causing trouble. I keep thinking if I leave all that dust alone, she will see upon her next visit I have enough and just leave, but alas she always leaves more :( I can't tell you how excited I am to see your Freefall come together. I love that you are using your dad's shirts, that was a great idea.

  3. I'm really liking how the stripes are working out on your leaf. I too am having to adjust to directional fabric going all over the place....and I'm fine with it. My friend Cyndy is just using the templates to cut the fabric and just sewing them together minus the paper pieced bit. I have yet to see them but she says they are fine....and who am I to argue with a friend I persauded to help me out with this project anyways.

  4. This post made me laugh in several places :) "One leaf does not a compost heap make" is my new phrase from now on for when I have a single block sewn on a quilt!

    I suspect you have plenty of fabric in those shirts. I saved a pattern for making a big quilt using only 7 shirts, and it had left overs...

  5. Your post made me smile as always. I love that you are using your dad's shirts. I made my mum a quilt from some of my dad's shirts, my sister did some lovely embroidery in the centre block and mum absolutely loved it....Doh, that nasty dust fairy....😉
    And yes good luck Chelsea, i want both of us to get to the final so we could have a chance to meet up #mancity😀



  6. Your one leaf may not make a compost heap but it does make a very pretty statement. I agree that big sisters are wonderful, but that's because I am one, and today I gave her my not a mystery quilt so she will have to agree with me (giggles).

  7. Your Dad's shirts are going to look great in those leaves. If you use spray starch on the blue shirt it might make it easier to handle. One leaf at a time will get you there in the end.

  8. I think this one is very pretty. colours are perfect to each other!

  9. I reckon you can assume good half metre in an average man's shirt, if that's any help, though you do have to put up with some bias edge-y bits to eke it out. I like stripes going every which way in any case and it looks great on this leaf. Now you just need to do the rest!


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