Friday, 24 March 2017

I Could Pretend

I could pretend This Is A Finish. I think I have been pretending for a while, or at least kidding myself. This finish has been almost a finish for, oh, ages now. It is still nearly a finish, so nearly a finish it is only a whisper away. It is on my FAL list (finish a long) list for the first quarter of 2017.

I have a couple of teeny tiny bits of blue to finish quilting.

I have unfortunately a gazillion threads to bury on the back.

 I have already buried a gazillion trillion threads. I think this is why I always straight line quilt from one end to the other - no threads to bury! And I have all my binding complete.

This is tantalisingly close.

The first quarter link up starts today for a few days.
Will I finish in time to link up?
No, to be honest, I probably will not. But sure, it is a long time to next year's snow. We did have a little smattering the other night, but by the time I got up and dressed it was too late.
I will however link up with Finished Or Not Friday with Myra and  Busy Hands Quilts

Helen x


  1. It is so, so close to being done! I always love to see your progress on this one. ;)

  2. It's so close Helen. I haven't even started mine.

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Helen, go on, you can do it!

  4. It is close, soon it will be a finish. I try and bury threads as I go I hate having to do as you say a gazillion at once.

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  6. You are so, so close now and it is looking great from the front. Maybe you could leave the threads and just refuse ever to let people see the back!

  7. You are so close to a finish, it just isn't funny. You've got this! You are the quilt wrangler :) Hey, both mine and Dave's are in very sad stages of basting.

  8. Oh, I HOPE you can 'git 'er done' as the Americans say! Just love the quilting you've shown us, and that back -mmmm! Next time, just do 5-6 super-tiny stitches as you start quilting, and clip the threads...none to bury that way. I've done that for many years on quilts and never had a problem with quilting coming out. Angela Walters does this too!


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