Friday, 24 February 2017

Snow No Show

Another self imposed deadline passed yesterday. Storm Doris came and went. We in Belfast were feeling rather windy but missed the snow in Glasgow and Scotland, our near neighbours. Great - a reprieve! Is that the snow gone for the year? Am I safe until next year?

You see, it is a matter of pride that Snowflake Shimmer is finished before the snow comes. If the snow doesn't come, well its not my fault. This hasn't been my longest finish by far, but I would like to be finished before snow comes. And really, a quilt a long should be finished within an approximation of the time of the quilt a long.

So what is the state of play as of today? As I'm not linking up with TGIF Friday, I'm once again linking this quilt with Myra of Busy Hands Quilts and her Nearly Finished Friday.

The main cross hatch quilting is all finished. (I spotted a little today I missed but we will fold that bit over!).

I have trimmed the edges, all it makes a little more respectable looking.
Most of the threads on the top from the cross hatch are sewn in.
I have a little blue quilting on the snowflakes still to finish.

 My pfaff was puffing at this, I need to get some bigger needles, or hand stitch the remainder.

The binding is on. I like to hand stitch the back, and plenty of threads to sew in here too.

The white squares will be embroidered. They will be done in white perle cotton at leisure. In other words, whilst snuggling under the quilt watching tv.

And there we have it. Or rather we don't.

My other almost finish is my green aran sweater. To be more precise my daughter's green aran hoodie cardigan. As of this afternoon the knitting is all finished!!! Ta da! Even the dreaded bands, 122 stitches each side.

 The sewing is a daylight hours only jobbie. I'm afraid I left it too late to get a photo, so here's a photo from earlier. After all, the other sleeve is just the same! I'm feeling very proud of this so far, I feel a real sense of achievement with this.

Sewing time is difficult some days at the minute. I have got a few more grey squares stitched, but they are just more of the same. I'll keep you in suspense here.

There's still lots more to blog about though, a visit to #unravel2017 and yarnfest, another 1hr basket made by myself, another 1hr basket made by Mrs M, bee squares for Bee Blessed and bee squares for beeabee2017. I'm not in any bees this year,  honestly, I'm just sort of joining in a bee as it happened to be passing. And, oh yes, I have nearly finished a baby aran. I have been knitting this whilst visiting my dad. Horrible wool but lovely wee pattern and hopefully a lovely cardigan, just the sleeves and hood or collar to finish.

I nearly forgot - The New Quilters Blog Hop is on the go again this year. Great fun, I can thoroughly recommend it. Check out Yvonne or Beth for details if that's what you are, a new quilter of less than 3 years.

Helen x
linking up with Busy Hands Quilts and Myra


  1. Your aran looks lovely Helen, looking forward to seeing the little one too.

  2. That Aran looks amazing, well done xx

  3. It is getting there a little push and you'll have it done. Love the sweater and my fav colour too.

  4. Your quilt is certainly coming along nicely! I'm really admiring your (daughter's) sweater too. What a lot of work!

  5. Oh how I just love that aran sweater Helen! If I weren't so hot at the moment, I'd let myself imagine me wearing it, ha. Love that you are going to embroider by hand the white squares while snuggling under the quilt :-) There is a TON of quilting in that beautiful quilt, wow, can't wait until you can get photos with the sun on it to show it off.

  6. Well if it doesn't snow soon we'll get to spring and you will have the best part of a year in which to relax and finish the quilt! I'm not a knitter, so I am in awe of that gorgeous cardigan.


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