Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Getting A Move On

I set myself two main targets for my selfish sewing this year. A quilt for myself and a quilt for my daughter. Both were going to use grey as a main colour. Is a grey a colour?

Talking with my scrapbooking friends, I love grey, they mostly hate grey. We all wear themed colour t shirts for our weekends away, I suggested grey for Halloween. (we plan these things in advance!)
It was a no go, even though there are apparently 50 shades of grey! Or so I been told, I have no personal knowledge of this book, or the follow ups. Having worked in a library, it was amazing the number of seemingly "respectable" ladies, mostly older, who returned it, said it was filthy, offensive and oh so rude and then ordered the next one! One lady in her 80s commented she wished she had read this when her husband was alive .... You think you know some people .....

Back to the subject in hand. I had ordered my stash of grey from The Village Haberdashery, an assortment of shades in varying amounts. I was dipping into it regularly  for "my" project. As my pile of cotton and steel and grey half square triangles got bigger, the yardage  of greys for my daughter's quilt got less. So, tonight, I decided it was time to cut up the grey. 

We got through it relatively unscathed. I needed 4" and 4 1/2" squares. I had enough except for one shade of grey where I am 9 x 4" short. Not to worry. Its a chance to buy a little more. Its always fun to go online shopping. My grey squares are all bagged up waiting for me .....

The pile of 213 grey and cotton and steel squares waits for trimming.

I still have a pile of cotton and steel strips to wait for subdivision and pairing up with the grey.

I'm hoping I have enough grey left to work it out. I have no idea how many squares I will need for my double bed quilt.
5" squares made into hst squares
lets say that makes 4 1/2" squares
80" quilt needs 20 squares a row?
20 squares across by 20 rows down = 400 squares
I am about half way already?
Those with an EQ7 computer program or a mathematical mind would have that worked out in a jiffy. Me? I will plod on and hope it all works out. It usually does.

So, I haven't linked up with Beth and her Main Crush Monday for a while. I suppose I will have to say this week I'm crushing on grey. All 6 shades that I have anyway.

Helen x
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  1. Hmmm, 6 shades are better than no shades of grey.... LOL That's a lot of HSTs but it looks like its going to be a fabulous quilt. Take some grey, add some C&S and ooh la la! Thanks for linking up to MCM Helen!

  2. I love the colour grey!! I also have no knowledge of the book....love your library stories though! :)

  3. There's a lot of trimming in your future. Have fun, this is going to be a lovely quilt.

  4. You have peaked my interest! Grey is my favorite, my go to color! It works so well with all colors and prints...in my opinion!

  5. I'm a serious fan of grey - having completed a grey behemoth for our bed I am now working in kona for the very first time - greys and plums!
    If its Kona titanium grey you are short of give me a shout - I could certainly post you a piece the size you need. ( I rather over-ordered !!)


  6. How can you not love grey?? It's one of my favorite neutrals. I can't wait to see all those HST's come together into a top. It's going to look so good. But I do not envy you trimming all of those.

  7. I like grey too, a much under appreciated colour! This will be lovely xx

  8. Grey is most definitely a colour. In previous lives I have had a grey living room (loved it) and a grey bed-room carpet(really, really loved it). This is a very promising start.

  9. Grey is a great colour. At first, I thought you were going to applique pink hearts on the grey squares. And then I realized they were post-it notes.

  10. Just catching up with blog posts tonight....grey is a great background colour and anything will look great with it....that's my humble opinion.

  11. Is this the one you are doing with Sue and Tish? Oh how I want to join in with you three, but alas, that C&S fabric is stashed at either Liz's or Danielle's house while I sojourn down here. I love the pink hearts on the grey, (I know they're paper) used to have my living room done in dusty rose and grey...yup that was the 90s...


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