Friday, 20 January 2017

The Not Quite Finished Quilt

Its not quite finished, but we are getting there.  I laid my Snowflake Shimmer quilt out to see how the quilting was going, and I am so nearly there.

 Two sections of blue to finish the cross hatching, and one only a little, well not too much. Some of the fiddly blue intersections to finish. Two pale aqua sections to straight line. The white squares to quilt, I am thinking hand quilting/embroidery here. And the binding to do. Nearly finished.

In that halcyon time after lunch, its either snooze, read or sew, I sneaked off to "tidy" my room.

I finished the cross hatching at one end and made a start on finishing the other end. I have used up my second spool of variegated thread for quilting. I'm hoping the third partly spool will be enough.

 I also did a little of the dark blue offsets. I'm not sure how many of those I still have to do, I tend to do a bit when I come across them, the quilt is under the needle facing the right direction. You see, the plan is there is no plan. It happens as it happens, sort of.

One day I will tease the quilt from under the needle, hoich it round the table, looking for the next bit to quilt. And you know what, it will all be finished.  Soon. I'm afraid all these photos are before today rather than after today. Because,

All too soon my helper, chief cook and bottle washer since retirement, substituted my mug of luke warm coffee for a glass of room temperature Californian red wine.  Drinking whilst operating machinery? Do I need a licence for that? Is there a law against that? Is there really a quilt police anyway? Before I had the chance to find all these things out, it was time to go sit by the fire to watch the USA presidential inauguration.   Hello green aran knitting, goodbye Snowflake Shimmer. I'm up to the armholes now on the back, sleeves next then lastly the hood. I can't believe its gone so well, I shouldn't perhaps count my chickens! Cluck cluck.

This week for the first time I am linking up with Busy Hands Quilts and Myra for the Finished Or Not Friday link. Thanks for the heads up Sandra.
Helen x
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  1. You really are close to the end, and it's looking great. I like all the cross-hatching a lot. I wish someone would substitute wine for my coffee occasionally!

  2. No quilt police and most definitely no license required for wine and sewing.

  3. I do so love to see your quilting progress on this one. Any thoughts on how you will embroider or hand stitch in the white squares?

  4. Coming along very nicely... You will soon have a very beautiful finish, I'm sure! Love the quilting!

  5. This is looking great.... Your hubby is well trained lol😀 xx

  6. This is looking great.... Your hubby is well trained lol😀 xx

  7. The end is in sight. The quilting looks great. There is no quilt police!!! LOL

  8. Oh dear I have been neglecting all my favourite blogs recently....apologies and just catching up. I really like the Snowflake Shimmer quilt. ..I'm a big fan of blues and solid coloured it's a favourite for me.

  9. It's looking wonderful Helen. It's quite an undertaking isn't it. I agree with Anja. There is no quilt police.

  10. You are so close to finished, it's exciting. I'm pretty sure wine and sewing machines are meant to be together. Somewhere in the manual in very tiny print, I think I read that :)


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