Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it. To 2017 that is. We made it, the UK is closer to Brexit, the USA is closer to its new presidency and there are a few celebrities left alive, just about. It will be interesting to see what 2017 brings .....

New Year's Day started here as it usually does, with that feeling that the last glass of port whilst watching the celebrations on tv was possibly a mistake. I must admit I enjoyed Robbie Williams and the fireworks in London from the comfort of my own settee. I have loved seeing the New Year in in New York and in Edinburgh, but there is a lot to be said for the proximity of the  settee and the comfort of your own bathroom.

New Year and new challenges. Sue, who doesn't blog but is on instagram as @susangodfrey600 bought a box of Cotton and Steel fqs from Craftsy at the same time as myself.  Both of us have stroked these fabrics, petted them and admired but not taken them out of the box and actually used them.

 You see, if we took them out they would never be as neat and stroke-able again. We decided that in the New Year we would collaborate - both make our own different quilts, but simultaneously. We are going to use #helensuecottonandsteelqal to link our posts.

Christmas came, and I was delighted to get a second different box of Cotton and Steel from my stateside son. How did he know I would like this? Just peeking out in the corner is the packet of Moda scraps from the other son and his wife. They all know me well.

Today, New Year's Day, was the day of reckoning, the fabric came out of the box, and boy there is some nice stuff in there.                                                                                                                      

Anyhow there has been much pondering what to do with these. Unfortunately I can't show you any of the quilts that inspired me, I can't reproduce other's photos without permission, but there have been lots of quilts admired, pondered and then disregarded.

I have decided to leap outside the box and not to follow the traditional route, (N Ireland joke here) though some quilts using a block called forged steel were very tempting. Again I was very tempted by some Cotton and Steel steam punk quilts but they were template based and worked best when hand sewn. Not a chance.

Ultimately I have come back to my first gut feeling, which is usually the way. I am keeping it scrappy and simple. Lots of half square triangles teamed with half square triangles in varying shades of grey. Lots and lots, some sewn upside down or sideways just to keep it interesting. I think I will sew the squares into blocks of 6 then sew these blocks together. That's the plan.

Check back in a while. In the meantime, whilst I wait for my kona greys to teleport from The Village Haberdashery I'll have plenty to keep me going.

Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours.

Helen x


  1. 2016 was a strange year but somehow becoming a granny has softened the blow somewhat....I can highly recommend it!
    Looking forward to watching the quilt grow.
    Happy 2017 Helen,
    V x

  2. Best to you and yours as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with all this good fabric.

  3. Sounds like you and Sue have devised a wonderful way to stay motivated and moving forward with using your lovely stash. Also, glad I wasn't sipping tea reading your first paragraph. Much snorting from me. I hope 2017 can prove my worries wrong. <3

  4. Happy new year, Helen! If nothing else, your C+S quilt will keep you warm during the imminent zombie/nuclear/radioactive zombie apocalypse.

  5. Lovely post Helen...😀 I am really looking forward to doing this with you and hopefully others may join in too. Doesn't have to be Cotton and Steel it would be nice to quilt along with friends...😀 Especially the internet ones ....Hugs Sue xx

  6. Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing the result and many more from you in 2017 :-)

  7. Sounds like you have a great plan in store for C+S fabrics. Sewing with a friend is always nice whether it's in person or on the internet.

  8. I think there are plenty of us out there that have the same problem! Those boxes or stacks or rolls are far to pretty to break up or open up! I got a kick out of your table picture on IG! Good luck with the challenge and I'll be watching for sure!

  9. I look forward to seeing what the pair of you come up with. xx

  10. Helen, I can't wait to see your quilt come together. I have the same two boxes of C+S FQ's so I'm excited to be sewing along with you guys!! Remember to beware of the one FQ with the little spiders...I so didn't see it coming.


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