Thursday, 12 January 2017

Finish A Long, 1st Quarter, 2017

Following on from my 100% success rate last quarter, (Whoop! Whoop!)  I draw up this list with great optimism.

You may recognise a few old favourites here.

1 Snowflake Shimmer Quilt
This isn't so much an UFO but a WIP which is a little behind schedule. The beginning of December, for house guests. Not finished. Christmas. Again not finished. The First Snow, well, we had a few flurries today. Still not finished. I have a little cross hatched quilting on the dark blue to finish, straight line quilting on two of the mid blue stars, and the white squares. And of course binding.
Mmm, just started snowing again, better get cracking.

2 Red Plus Square Quilt
This is my Stash Bee quilt for 2016, we don't really include Bee quilts here unless there has been some progress. Well, there has. I have cut  the blocks into quarters. There has been a change of tack here, instead of calm and collected it is going improve. So, the blocks are cut down the middle of the red plus and restitched together. Before and after photo. I think this will liven things up a little, I might even attack the corners too.

3 Green Aran Cardigan
I have recently been knitting again, a useful whilst sitting with my Dad. I have the two fronts knitted and the back begun of this hoodie for my daughter. It would be nice to have it finished before the good weather comes in. That probably gives me a get out until next September!

4 Green Socks
I must be in a green phase. I forgot I had started these socks last year. Should really finish them.

5 Liberty EPP hexies. This is an ongoing project, a life's work I think. I'm happy just to add to it, but this will help spur me on.

6 Medallion Quilt
There's really not much likelihood of this being finished. Its all wrong. The maths is completely screwed up in the last two rounds and I don't have enough dark red fabrics anyway. I will have to take it back a round or two, to the centre medallion maybe? I will certainly have to brighten it up. This photo was before it all went pear shaped.

7 Liberty Skirt
I started making this skirt last year from Liberty Fabric, all went well until I realised the waistband was a two tier waistband. Why? Why would they do that? Its really only a matter of taking a waistband pattern from another pattern, and then adding the zip, and the lining and the hem. I think if I get that far, I might get the hem sewn professionally. That's allowed, isn't it?

8 Cross Stitch
This is my ringer. The little something I slip in when nobody is looking. The daughter has discovered her "thing". Cross stitch, she loves it and is really good at it. I dug out my old cross stitches and found this very grubby unfinished kit. What's to do? Throw it out as it is..... finish it and put it where .......... keep it on this list for a few quarters ......... put it back in the newly cleared roofspace where it came from.


So, a manageable list I think. I haven't included my current wip, my Cotton & Steel project or my houndstooth project. They haven't progressed beyond the cutting stage yet.   And my supersized economy squares, well they are too current too, I only started it last week. I have to save something for the 2nd quarter!

Helen x
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  1. Well, I am certainly excited to see progress on your Snowflake Shimmer quilt and look forward to seeing you work on these projects. :)

  2. The snowflake shimmer is sure to be done....and you seem to be a fast knitter so I'm betting on those as well. Good luck with your progress.We still have to figure out something to do together? I was hoping you do the honey pot as it's no pressure!

  3. I love your cardigan. Your list seems totally doable. Good luck with your finishes

  4. This is a great list. Looking forward to seeing your Snowflake Shimmer.

  5. I love that your list is made up of several different things, not just quilting related. Gives you lots of variety, in case your find yourself needing to work on something else for a break. That cross stitch reminds me, I have several laying around completely abandoned since I discovered quilting. I should pull them back out and give them a go.

  6. Great list, and it will be wonderful to see some of those projects finished!

  7. Great list. I love your Red Plus Square Quilt - what a clever idea. And I love the heart quilt in your blog header. The way you've quilted that really appeals to me. It seems modern and casual. Good luck with your list.

  8. so many lovely projects - I really like the green aran though - could do with it at this time of year!


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