Sunday, 18 September 2016

Who Stole My Daylight?

I thought as you hadn't seen this quilt, oh, for at least two days, I would update on the progress. I did get caught rather on the hop with the end of summer/beginning of autumn thing. I left the quilt out for my husband to take a photo when my quilt holder came for Sunday dinner. We had Sunday dinner, watched the Great British Bake Off on tv, and who stole all the daylight? Hence the rather dark indoor photos. Who wants to be a professional blogger anyway?

The Front

On Friday night, I had the house to myself so I cleared as big a space as I could and pin basted the #behemoth. I didn't use my basting spray. It seems to leave a tackiness everywhere just not on the quilt. Sometimes the spray is too quick acting. Everything all sticks together before I get my wrinkles smoothed out. I am happy enough with how it has basted. I have used every safety pin in the house. If I can, I will buy some more to make it as stable as possible.

The Backside, Can You Spot the Stripe Down the Side?
One thing for sure, this quilt is a ton weight. It will have to be hand delivered, not posted. The airfare will undoubtedly be less than the Royal Mail charges. We quilt holders struggled to hold it up whilst the photographer sized up the I phone.

Quilt Wrangling

Quilt Wrangling is a Family Sport

I have also, this week, finished piecing the shimmer snowflake quilt in Yvonne's quilt a long. Those photos are for another day.

No stash in unfortunately. We were in London last week with friends. A whistle stop tour of "our" London, the Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Revolution exhibition (brilliant). Camden Market, great for vinyl and male bonding, Chelsea Physic Garden, the Garrick Theatre to see Kenneth Branagh in The Entertainer, but no fabric buying. I had intended to go top up my Liberty fix in Shaukat, but didn't make it during opening hours. Peeked in the window when it was shut though.  Cheap shopping.

The Natural History Museum

Helen x
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  1. Congratulations on another awesome milestone on the wedding quilt. And I so agree about the sunlight, it is disappointing how early it get dark now, and we've only just started the long slide to dark winter.

  2. Oh these darker evening are depressing...half seven last night!!!
    You certainly squeezed lots into your whistle stop tour!!!

  3. Dark earlier at night and longer in the morning...ugh Do you know how you are going to quilt it?

  4. Incredible quilt! Not only is it darker earlier, but the butter isn't soft in the mornings anymore.

  5. The beast has been tamed! Basting your SS quilt will probably seem a breeze after tackling this behemoth. And I assume, hubby didn't catch you in the act of your basting fun? And the darker earlier thing is quite the drag here too. Now I just want to come home and sleep, hibernate just like a bear.

  6. It's looking really good Helen. I'm also a pin baster and I'm morning the loss of light as well. It's getting harder and harder to get up in the morning to go to work.

  7. I hear you about the daylight. It's starting to get dark about 7:00 but I refuse to turn on a light LOL But then I have to cave because I can't see a darn thing.

  8. Even without enough daylight, it looks wonderful Helen! And delivering it by hand is a lively excuse for a visit. "Behemoth" LOL.

  9. I would call your pictures 'atmospheric'and pretend it's deliberate. The quilt is looking good, whatever the light is like.


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