Friday, 9 September 2016

Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, we have a problem, or the UK equivalent, Mr Mainwaring, Don't Panic!

This is the last day, the last few hours of the Shimmer Snowflake Quilt A Long link up no 4. The pressure is on. I nearly made a completed finish for the link up.

Here's my photo, warts and all. We have a little problem, but it will get sorted.

I decided this week to piece the backing for #behemoth, practice what I said in my last post and get a move on with completing the now post wedding quilt. I thought I would multi task. As I chain pieced each bit of the backing, I chain pieced each numbered block or strip of the Snowflake Shimmer. You see, I numbered them with post its, I was trying.  That was Wednesday.

Thursday flew past in a flurry of hospital visiting to my dad so a no snow, sorry no sew day. Today is Friday and the last day of the link up. We had an appointment this morning, lunch out with the daughter who had a day off. Then we were on a heritage bus tour of Belfast, it is Heritage Weekend here. Then home for tea and out again for the daily hospital visit to dad and to do the shopping. In between I sewed together my strips of Snowflake Shimmer.

Now I am home and I have laid them out on the floor. Nearly completed.

Quilting Jet Girl, we have a problem.

I have omitted sewing the 8.5 x 8.5" block on the end of one row. Easy fixed. I have a bit waiting.

I seem to have forgotten to piece one row.
Not so easy. I seem to have run out of pieces of background fabric. I realise now it is because I have a piece which is too long sewn on an earlier row. For the purposes of this photo, it is tucked underneath
Easy, move this longer strip onto this lower row.
Now, where is the "bit" for this higher row?
I don't think I have strips of Kona left.
Tomorrow is another day.

For now I have a solution.
I'll have a gin and tonic and watch my Gardener's World program on TV.
For those who like to know these things, the gin is Lakes gin, distilled in the Lake District, England.
The tonic is Fevertree tonic. Very nice.

My husband is curious as to why I am making another quilt when I am currently making one. Apparently that's what happen to dictators. They decide one country isn't enough. He also asked why I was knitting another scarf for myself when I knitted a nice cowl too years ago! After 32 years, I'd think he'd realise.

Tomorrow is another day, my dad spotted this rainbow out his hospital window and asked us to take a photo. That's a good sign.

All the best,
Helen x
linking up with Yvonne, Quilting Jet Girl and Snowflake Shimmer Quilt A Long

Update  - just missed the linkup. Ah well. Not to panic Mr Mainwaring.


  1. You'll figure it out! And it will be beautiful!

  2. Helen, I try not to laugh at the misfortune of others, but your story did make me smile! You are oh so close to a finished top!

  3. Oh bummer about the misplaced fabric! I hope it is easy enough to sort out. It is looking great to me so far! ❄️

  4. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring! That made me laugh! Glad about the rainbow xx
    P.s. Don't tell him your name Pike!

  5. Love it.... perhaps you could magic up some fabric using your superhuman powers๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ yes, hubby should indeed know better lol. I have just talked my hubby through your post and told him he is not on his own lol...and yes after 33 years, mine should know better too.

    Lovely that your dad noticed the rainbow...๐Ÿ˜€

    Enjoy the gin and relax. Something will come to you re the almost finished the quilt...


  6. Everything looks better after a g&t! You missed the link up but got the sewing done and what you have is very pretty. You don't sew to make quilts, you are expressing your innate creativity and quilting is merely the medium. Try that on him and see how it goes down.

  7. Heh Helen: Great progress on this quilt. I hope it's all sorted now. I've got mine all done ( it's Sunday when I leaving this comment). It was very difficult to keep all those long pieces sorted....I'm glad your Dad saw the rainbow and wanted a picture.

  8. Always so enjoy your posts. G&T..never could get into husband is recently into rum and ginger beer, thanks to some friends we visited a week or so ago. I love your S. Shimmer, and I'm sure you (probably with Yvonne's help) can sort out how the puzzle pieces can go together...are you sure you didn't sew three together in one seam instead of 2?! I did that uh this weekend, couldn't figure out why I was short one piece, and when I went to press my pairs open, found one of them was a threesome...okay let's not go there...SO GLAD to hear your dad wanted a photo of the rainbow!! Hugs to you and to him. As for your husband, biff him one on the nose for me, 2 years between knitted scarves/cowls? That's heroic :-)

  9. Oh hon I've been there so many times. Just call it a design change to reflect your individuality and make it work xx

  10. First off, I must remember "Mr Mainwaring, Don't Panic!" I love trying to remember sayings from other places and using them in conversation. I think a Gin and Tonic was a quite logical solution to your problem for the time being. Hopefully, you will find the other missing bit.

  11. Your husbands comment made me laugh… My husband asks me why I continue to buy fabric when I have enough to make quilts until I am 150.


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