Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Week of Oxymorons

This has been a week of oxymorons. I have been busy yet I have done very little, yet I seem to have had a productive week. Oxymoron is one of my favourite words, I love the way it sounds.
Ox Y Moron
It rolls beautifully round the tongue.
Its meaning is rather like a meaning of life, no, not 42 ... but rather two contradictory things simultaneously. Sharp and dull. Busy and bored. Nothing done yet productive.

My loved one is still in hospital so I have been driving everyday to a hospital in a different city. This is only N Ireland, it is not as far away as it sounds. There has not been much time or energy for anything else. No day trips, long walks yet I have finished one quilt, tidied up another and made progress on a couple of other things. Now, that's an oxymoron.

I have finished Mr Cool!! I actually thought it was finished last week, but Mr Cool asked it be properly finished before being officially handed over to him. He knows me too well. These quilts are intended to be sat on in the garden, not sat under. When I looked at the back of the completed complementary Mrs Hot Hot Hot I saw that most of the underneath threads were unburied. That is now rectified. This photo is just a teaser, Mr Cool is peeking out from the background of our indoor sofa.  Mr Cool is out pursuing his football team, again. Tomorrow I hope to get some garden photos.

The sewing my stash continues, I have made good progress on my Shimmer Snowflake Quilt in Quilting Jet Girl's quilt a long. No photos today, but I hope to piece together this week. All my squares in a square are trimmed and ready to go, even the ones that didn't measure up and were corrected. All the rectangles are labelled and in a neat pile. Not like me to be so organised.

Our not having any day trips last week was a day spent at a local beer festival, at Hilden Brewery.  I last went there 30 years ago. I may have been pregnant or had two tiny babies. In any case, I wasn't drinking, was very tired and found it a long day. My husband remembered he had to get the car out of the tight parking space so the non drinker could drive home! This time I was neither pregnant, had small children nor was driving. We have discovered the train and this time out I had a great day out. We found a table in front of the main stage and really didn't leave it for the next 8 hours.

 We also popped into the Mac in Belfast to see the David Hockney exhibition, I Draw, I Do. If you live in the UK and this winds its way past you... go. Its great. Although David Hockney is probably most famous for his Californian swimming pool paintings, I love his portraits, all using the same dining chair.

A little shopping may have taken place this week. I nipped into town with the daughter to buy a pattern to make a straight skirt. We had the perfect pattern before, but I have "mislaid" it. We went to buy the same pattern but bought a flippy skirt this time. Hopefully the violet flowered Liberty fabric bought at the start of the summer will by some miracle turn into a flippy floppy skirt.

And here's the Tula Free Spirit I bought last week.

Look it matches the Tula Free Spirit I got from Lucy the Charm About You in June when she paid it forward to me. Now it will be my turn to pay it forward, I will blog about this last week.

Helen x
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  1. 8 hours in a brewery!! well done. ;)
    The quilts are looking good, I do hope you get to use them outside again this year.
    Hope your dad is improving.
    V x

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your family member is still in the hospital. I hope healing is progressing and home will be an option soon. Yay for finishing Mr. Cool! I look forward to seeing the fun finish photos (out in the garden?). And hurray for progress on your Snowflake Shimmer quilt. I also really look forward to seeing it put together.

  3. Sorry to hear that your still going back and forth to the hospital. Garden photos for Mr Cool can hardly wait.

  4. I also love oxymoron, fabulous word that just rolls around the tongue. I have just found you through Mollie Sparkles & I hope your family member is on the mend & I am intrigued about Mr Cool so I will be popping back in - lovely to meet you Fi

  5. I've been thinking about you & your hospital time while doing mine. I set up a mini sewing space in the corner of my mom's hospital room yesterday to get some sewing done for a looming deadline. It sounds like you are getting way more accomplished than I am though. Hoping to at least get Rosette 1 completed for my millefiori quilt during this little hospital vacay.

  6. I do love the word oxymoron too. The first time my daughter heard me use it she thought I was insulting someone, which only made me laugh harder. I refer to these little episodes of laughter involving my daughter and language as Jenny-isims. I love the way Mr. Cool and Mrs Hot Hot Hot look on the back of the couch. A beer festival sounds like a wonderful place to spend an evening. Here's to good beer and music.


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