Friday, 5 August 2016

Nothing To See Here Sir, Move Along There Sir. Thank You.

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along

I know, I have done it again. Started another project with so many unfinished around me. This looks so much fun though, how can I not be in? And so far its easy. Last time Yvonne had us picking our fabrics for her Shimmer Snowflake Quilt Along, that was easy. And this time we are cutting the fabrics into little bits, all ready to be sewn together again into bigger bits. Do I need a life? This is what I do!

I have cut up as far as I can, my shortfall fabric is en route from Galway and Fluffy Sheep Quilting as we speak. So, I have cut my mid value fabric, all  nice and neat squares in a pile.

My deep fabric (I went with my first choice of blue, see last post, pictured below). It is called Pacific and is a Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman.

I cut the easy bits, the squares. I do have some more yardage here, but I am waiting for my supplies to arrive before cutting the different size rectangles. Keeping it simple, we are not at home to Mr Confusion.

And as for the light fabric, well I have about 6" x 3" left from the #coulterweddingquilt, so I think I had better wait. It was rather a close call in the end of the #behemoth and the off white fabric.

I had a bit of a wobble there with the off white fabric. It is called "snow" and I thought perfect for a snowflake quilt, and I anticipated having slightly more left over from the quilt. And, pure white looks grubby quickly, off white is meant to be slightly, well grubby. Which brings me to this .... she who shall remain nameless, a bloggy friend, said she was never sure about "snow", it looks more like pee'd snow! My hand hovered over the order/delete button at that! My father always did advise "don't eat yellow snow". But hey, life isn't perfect. Yellow snow it is! I'll smile every time I look at it.
It will be a conversation opener  anyway, my quilt with yellow snow.

What else is going on this week? No #behemoth anyway. The kona cotton frays terribly, and I cast like a moulting dog all round the house. The house is spotlessly clean, as far as that goes. The, I hesitate to say second, son is coming home for a while and to a clean and thread free house. Unless I sit in the garden, I'm limited to some gentle hexie sewing and some knitting. So, I'll use a gratuitous photo of my Liberty hexies Grandmother's Flower Garden. They haven't moved on much, but I do love looking at them. I'm using this week to think about the quilting and be ready for a quilting marathon in a week or so.


Oh, I nearly forgot, no I didn't, I'm fudging it here. Last week  I went to copy and paste my July stash bee blog post to show you my blocks wot I made. And, I did "something" and deleted the post from stash bee. I don't think anybody has noticed, it wasn't me, honest. Here's the photo of blocks wot I made for Tracy.

Helen x
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  1. I love the thread spools! How cute are those fabrics?!

  2. Well you are ahead of me with the Snowflake Shimmer. I love snow and it's more like sooty snow in my mind rather than yellow snow!

  3. Progress is progress! I do like the colors you have chosen and now I will think of yellow snow every time I use Kona Snow, too (thanks, I think?). I don't understand why sometimes Kona cuts beautifully and sometimes it frays like crazy.

  4. I'll never be able to think of Kona Snow without a snigger now! My house seems to have threads even after I clean.

  5. Beautiful work Helen (and I love the Kona Cotton ;-) )
    Hope you have a lovely new week,
    Susan x

  6. I'm thinking health and safety here - be careful using a rotary cutter with a glass of wine or a G&T 😀 New projects are irresistible, hope you enjoy the qal.

  7. Peed snow! OMG I'm laughing over here. When I used it on my whole cloth I expected a bright white and it did seem a bit grayer than I imagined. I think you deserved a break from the behemoth, you've been busting your tail on it.

  8. How are your snowflakes coming along? I'm loving those spools. I'm participating in a round robin and have decided on spools for the block I'm working on first. Seeing yours confirmed my decision! Pictures, please!


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