Monday, 29 August 2016

Not Yet Ready For Mr Cool

Here it is again, I hear you cry into your beer. This old quilt she's be dragging out for weeks, no month, maybe even a year. I wisely finished my quilt, for Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot some time ago and have enjoyed it over the summer. A quilt is not just for winter you know. Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot drapes invitingly over my sun lounger and protects my delicate little tootsies from the rough cotton. Mr Cool has been waiting for his quilt, quite some time now.

It had commented on it would be nice to have the quilt before the summer ended, so my new flexible deadline was August 29th, the UK bank holiday. And today is the day. By 11 am this morning the quilt was quilted and just needed the threads buried and the binding done.

I proudly produced the goods. Ta da! We have a finish, almost.

Well, I was gently asked if I could finish the quilt off before offering it to the world. This is not as hard hearted as it seems. Nobody knows me better than my husband, my soul mate, my friend. He knows if he takes the quilt it will never be finished. My original Laura Ashley fabric quilt was on the bed for a couple of years as a flimsy before finishing. If I had known there was actually a word for an unfinished quilt, flimsy, it may have been even longer.

As of 9pm tonight, I have the binding on, I used my favourite go to fabric for binding, a Rose and Hubble spot. I chose a really pale blue for its icy look. I always feel a rush of excitement when I cut it.

Whilst I was buying it this afternoon, I bought the wadding for the #behemoth. No slacking here. It also seems our local (ish) cheap and cheerful fabric shop is extending its quilting fabric range. I got some lovely free spirit fabric too at a good price. Probably end of range but that doesn't bother me.

Next time you see this quilt the threads should hopefully be buried, and the binding sewn over. If not there's always next summer. In a day or so, there should be only one quilt in the "waiting to be quilted" station of the back of the chair.

And there's a bonus, I bought a metre of the spot so there should be enough for the binding on the #behemoth too.

Helen x
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  1. Looking good Helen!
    If you don't mind me asking what is your local fabric shop (just in case I haven't found it yet)! ;)
    V x

  2. You've been busy Helen. Great work. You don't want it dragging on to next year so good luck!

  3. Great stuff - you are getting through the UFO's - any chance you could spread that persistence my way?

  4. The two lounge chairs looks so inviting with your wonderful quilts on them Helen!
    LOL, I am like that too about finishing.

  5. The quilts look lovely Helen and a finish anytime is good.

  6. His and Hers summer lounger quilts, how posh.. love it 😀 Mr Cool is a very lucky man but I am sure he knows that 😀😀 great to see things finished. I am trying but then start new things arghhhh hugs xxx

  7. It sounds like it very nearly met your finish goal! The binding is really fun and I am excited that you are progressing on the behemoth. :)

  8. Matching lounge chair quilts, I love it! Mr. Cool and Mrs. Hot! Hot! Hot! a hip modern duo.

  9. Summer quilts for outside - you are opening up a whole new world for me! They look fabulous together so let's hope the weather holds and you get to enjoy them for a bit longer.


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