Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lets all do the Shimmy

A little while ago I joined in Yvonne's quilt a long for her snowflake shimmer quilt using up the kona left over from the "behemoth" or wedding quilt I've been working on. The funny thing about leftovers, whether it be roast meat, white sauce or fabric is that whilst there looks to be loads, there's never quite enough.

This week was the first in the actual sewing. Easy Peasy thinks meself. A square within a square. Two opposing darks and two opposing lights. I even double checked to ensure it is fabric A and C for these blocks. What I forgot was the order the blocks are sewn in ..... not dark, dark, light, light, but dark, light, dark, light. As Eric Morcambe used to say in his piano piece, "I know all of the right notes not just in the right order". Luckily I hadn't completed all four sides, just three of them!

A few minutes later and we were back to the beginning again.

Dark, light, dark, light. One, two, three, swing your partner to the left, you know the type of thing. #

From there all progressed swimmingly and I now have three little piles of square within a square. They aren't trimmed yet, but they are sewn, well nearly all of them. They will be next time. I read Lisa's link up post and she said slow and steady. Slow and steady it is.

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  1. The square in a square process is kind of like a dance. So would we go ahead and call it a square dance? What ever the case, I need to do some stretching because I need to teach this dance Mr. Stemple this weekend. And I will be thinking Dark, light, dark light. It will be like I'm dancing with you.

  2. I like the idea of a dance for this part of the process. I made a square in a square Halloween quilt once and thought I'd never get to the end of it - not my favourite pieces to make!

  3. I am glad you caught the color order quickly! I really love your blues and am excited to be releasing the next instructions in just a few hours...

  4. Yup. I'm not finished yet either and none of mine are trimmed yet.

  5. Well I told you how much I love the wedding quilt behemoth's colours so you know I will reiterate that sentiment. Googled Eric, never heard of him; had guessed he was one of the Goons in The Goon Show, but nope. Had to much on the go to join in with the shimmying, so I will cheer you gals on from the sidelines. :-)

  6. Just as long as your quilt turns out better than his piano playing! (I'm sure that it will, of course).


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